Monday, 31 May 2010

from the bottom of my heart

okayhhhh~~ so everyone has been reminding and torturing me indirectly (yeah, the look you all have been giving me....) for not updating my blog. i really am sorry for being so quiet (me? quiet?) for almost 3-4months.

please believe me, since i entered my 4th year, i have been pretty busy with my lab and all. especially during the preparation for my 1st presentation which finished exactly just a week ago, i got this feeling that i was the most hardworking creature on earth. i went to the lab even on weekends and only got back home during isyak. *clap clap*

i feel sorry to those who witnessed my tense and the ugly-sour-grape face. ugh... >.<

but don't get me wrong. being a final year student doesn't mean i am deprived of the best things of the world. just ask people around me, i am sure they are getting bored of me telling them about my lab stories. non-stop. (izyan, ashfa, kak adil, akachan... sure korang paham... hahahaha)

hehe, yeah... this is indeed my best year in japan. i believe it's still not too late to love japan right? you know that you love something when you couldn't stop talking about it. trust me, i've tried so hard to keep my mouth shut and stop making people bored listening to my stories, but oh well, i guess that just shows how much i love my labmates.

if i ever update my blog these past 3 months, i am sure i will flood my blog with my lab stories... :D

right, i shall be back with some updates. wait for me will ya? ;)