Friday, 11 June 2010

fifa world cup 2010

the world cup is starting today!!! after waiting for 4 whole years, and i can watch the games here. here. here at home, from MALAYSIA!!!

hey, u know what, even i myself still can't believe that i am now in malaysia. and i just went to pasar malam yesterday with my family. OMG! is this really a dream? only last tuesday i was in the seminar room, refraining myself from sleeping, listening to my researchmates doing their presentation, and just a few nights before, i was hanging out with afia and izzat singing at the top of our lungs at super jankara. =)
(refer to their blogs for more details on our night out!)

so what's the catch this time? what am i doing in malaysia at THIS time around? am i here just to watch football at mamak stalls with other malaysians while drinking teh tarik?? or maybe to watch lagenda budak setan at TGV or GSC?

yeahhhh right!! as if~ :D

so, the whole reason i'm here in the cosy tv room watching GLEE on star world, is to wait for this sunday! for my sister's wedding reception which i am going to be the bridesmaid!! can you get the whole idea already? i am flown here in the middle of the semester to take care of my sister on her special day. and that makes me feel special... (hoi, yang kahwin kakak ko la fiqah... >.< ye2, paham2)

to those who get confused, my sister is already married last december, and this time around is only the reception. =)

okie dokie, i shall be back to update on the reception soon!! hope everything goes smoothly and be the best day for the newly weds.


  1. hahaha mmg btul pun
    the one who got really excited was you compare 2 ur sis (^^)v
    tp ok what rase happy utk org lenkn
    btw how's ur sister's reception today?
    no that's not q right question
    camne pengapit kite hari ni?
    menyerlah x?

    waiting 4 ur back to japan (^^)/

  2. izzat!!! yep, boleh tahan la jugak keserlahan i~~ hahaha!! takde maknenye.... pengantin berkelip2 sgt, pengapit kene low profile sket... ;P
    nnt kita borak panjang pasal wedding nih kat kobe k!! c u tomorrow! (kalau jmpe kat skolah la.. haha)