Thursday, 1 July 2010

have i mentioned that i love my labmates?

there's just something about these japanese people that i really admire:
- they are very serious in their work. once they have put their minds into something, there's just no way out. they will finish them up and do their best for it.

i have been quite busy these few days as i need to get ready for my presentation this coming tuesday. as the most junior student in the lab, it is a norm to seek help from our seniors. since i am also a foreigner, i desperately need help especially this time around i have to translate an english thesis to japanese.

definitely not a simple task. T___T

so today i have finished writing my worksheet and asked my senior to check it for me. i was rather disappointed as he had some work to finish up that he said he could not check it for me by today. all i could do was to give an understanding nod n prayed he would finish his work quickly.

i was so surprised when suddenly my friend who needs to prepare for a very important interview tomorrow has offered to check my worksheet. GOD! isn't he sweet??? i was so touched by his kindness and couldn't thank him enough for his help. =)

well, there are still a lot more to do, but i can breathe properly now as i know that my worksheet is understandable. well, not yet perfect, but still~ hehe... anyway, to make my day more interesting, my pray was answered and this senior of mine who is in charged of me had finished up his work and came to offer his help.

and guess what! not only one, but 2 seniors came to my rescue and tried to help out with my work.
(note that one of them is very good looking. HAHAHAHAH)

the contents of the thesis is rather difficult, i might say myself. many things need to be understood and needless to say, a lot of research need to be done. and just imagine, they stayed there and did some research together with me, besides checking my spellings and grammar. they did their best to understand every bit of the contents that i just couldn't bring myself to say 'I'M EXHAUSTED. I WANNA GO HOME.'

i could just imagine if i were to get help from the malays, they won't be as determined as these japanese. (no offence though)

at that time i was so hungry. i haven't eaten anything since i left home but i just couldn't let them finish my work without me being there. seriously i was more worried for my senior because he needed to catch his train back home before 10.30pm. (SEE!! how unselfish of them!!! sangat terharu okayh!! >.<) finally at 10.10pm we made our move and locked the lab. i am just mentally tired and feel like sleeping. (but i can still afford to write an entry, hehe).

heh, can't help thinking that if i continue being busy like this, in no time i can be skinny!

oh, FINE. maybe not skinny. but losing some weight IS possible. HAHAHAH ;)


  1. please find a japanese boyfriend asap! huhu


  2. lose some kilos while u have the chance..nnt balik msia dah sotsugyou mengembang balik..hahaha!

  3. oh my! soooo true... macam mana japanese boleh sangat2 x selfish dan baik hati hah? i don't care if some people say that dorg bermuka2, but how do you even manage to stay late just to help your junior?

    ingt senang ke nk korbnkn masa n tenaga sendiri just to be hypocrite? i don't think so..

  4. nice la kak afiqah
    hopefully i will get seniors next year just like your's.....

  5. hi sayang. i am so happy to know that your friends are so kind and so unselfish and i really hope that i will meet them someday and thank them myself for being so kind to my are definitely a lucky girl to have such great lab friends!anyway all the best to you this coming tuesday. love you. muah muah.mami.

  6. That was a touching story as life can be quite rough at times; and to get all the support from unexpected quarters can be so doubly sweet. Kindness does not not know colour, creed or whatever. But the kindness that oozed from your higly intelligent seniors must be your reward for your earlier kindness and friendliness. As I said before, enjoy every moment of your life, and the moments in Japan are not long. Do savour that moment. Love u to bits!!!

  7. kak aini, if i could, i would!! hahahahaha!!

    amzar, give some support la! takmo la kembang balik even dah balik msia. but first, some kilos need to be reduced! yeah~

    pooja!! true2!! many people told me that the japanese are hypocrite. but as far as i can see, they are just unselfish and helpful. seriously kalau aku pun, surely dah surrender awal2 tolong kohai2... huhu >.< kene amik iktibar la dari orang2 jepun ni...

    izzat~ dont worry.. do ur best and u will definitely enter a good lab. biasanye lab bagus2, orang2 dia pun baik2... insyaAllah ur turn will come! =)

    mami, thank u so much!!!! i really hope i could introduce my friends to u. especially the ones that have been helping me from day 1. seriously i feel so lucky, and due to that i shall do my best for my final year. pray for me everyday ok!! love u soOOoooo much!!!! muah muah muah!! ^___^

    ayah~ i like ur words!! nicely said.. =))
    it's sweeter to get this kind of treatment during rough times.n ive come to realise, only 8 months left!!! nway,i will surely make the best out of it. love u to bits tooooooo!!!! muahxXxxxxx!!!

  8. akak pun nak belajar speakin' jepun la.. err.. arigato2.. watashi oo.. he3..

  9. kak roz, boleh2... tgk la anime kat channel animex tuh, mane tau boleh tangkap sikit2 ke... :D hehe

  10. wahh u really do love them duncha...happy dat ur always happy with ur lab n labmatess wpun initialy u didnt like jpn dt much..kite hantai O.O...haha..when u leave jpn all u remember bout r those sweeeet memories of nice nihonjin tachi..enjoy ur lab till ur very last moment there..they love u jugak laa im sure! the new girl sure xkn beat u coz ur sandwiches were just tooooo gud! hehhehheee :DD

  11. oh my~~ i havent been writing since my last presentation. n today i just finished my other presentation..... hahaha! yep, i can gladly say i love them all. really dont mind making them more sandwiches, =D
    i guess the new girl only enters during kouki. have yet to see her since the last nomikai. anyway, i hope this feeling will continue till my last day in japan. love u babes!!!! =))
    be happy with ur life too, ok!