Tuesday, 31 August 2010

PM to Actress to Engineer =)

what does 31st August mean to us Malaysians? i guess there could only be one answer: it's our beloved country's Independence Day!!! YEY!

so no matter where we are, we can still have the mutual feeling for our country. (oh, minus those who are racist, i guess they don't understand what independence really mean >.<) well, i am not that patriotic, but deep inside my heart i know i appreciate my country so much. from money to food, clothes and education, my country has directly or indirectly give me all these necessities in making me who i am right now. not that i am anybody. YET. hahaha! so it's not wrong to aim high, right? =P

speaking of being somebody, i remember how i used to have so many ambitions when i was young. just name it, lawyer, doctor, accountant, all of those above have crossed my mind so many times. some people may say i am a confused child, (huh, how rude!) but my father has always told us that it is better to have more than one ambition than not having any.
but being an astronaut?? NEVER! hahah

i have once dreamt of being a prime minister. the first lady! oh no, not as the wife of prime minister, but the PM itself!! also, on the other hand, i have always been interested in acting, that some part of me wanted to be an actress. aiming for a movie star might be a little bit high though. =P a theatre actress does sound appealing to me. no matter what i be, i just wanted to perform. yep, be it on stage or in tv. i just love to be the center of attraction. (senyap! jangan sebut capab!)

so that's why i guess people call these dreams as 'angan angan mat jenin.' now i end up studying something verrrryy different from what i initially planned. something that doesn't need to do social work that much. i am now en route to be... an engineer? InsyaAllah! and guess what? i just love every single thing that i am doing. from doing the brain-cracking programmings to doing various experiments on many data do not seem to affect my desire to become a successful engineer.

i guess no matter how or who u turn out to be, be sure that it is for the best of yourself and of course, for the country! i may not be the prime minister who needs to do every single thing for the country, or an actress who performs on Istana Budaya's stage performing some Malaysian theater, but i hope to be a useful engineer to everyone. well, not now, but someday in the future. YEAH, with the spirit of independence day lets hope that we can be someone useful to our beloved country! =)

i feel so merdeka because i have just finished my 3rd presentation today~~~ weeee~~~ lets countdown for my parents' visit to japan! another 8days to go!!! LALALALA~ i'm on top of the world now! ^^


  1. FINALLY!!! youve neglected this blog wayy too long. hehe. welcome to the freedom club ;)

  2. hehe, so sorry for the loOong vacation! hahaha... now that im a lil bit free, i hope i can start writing again ^^
    yeah, hoorayy for freedom!!! =))

  3. What can I say? Well written and lays down how you feel. Welcome to the club of patriots!

  4. hooyeah! im proud to be on of them. :D thank you soOo much!! ^^