Sunday, 26 September 2010

bye bye summer, helloOo autumn!

hey, you can now put away your summer umbrellas, fancy fans, shorts, sleeveless and everything that you wear during the summer. now it's time for you to show off your new high heel boots, fury coats, a pair of new gloves and trendy muffler as it's no more summer bebeh!

ooh yes, you heard me!

for the last couple of days, it has been pretty cold. the temperature shot down in just 24 hours. for one day everyone was still fanning their faces with the free fans they got, and the next day people were literally freezing, for wearing the wrong outfit being unprepared for the cold day. and that, includes me. who knows the season can change in a day?

so, ' it's time to go gray this autumn-winter!,'said the magazine i read from somewhere. huh, like i care about the fashion and all. i always wonder why people turn all gray, black and colourless during the cold season? even the stalls are not selling flowery and colourful clothes anymore. that's sad. i love wearing and watching people with cheerful tone outfit. hurm, who ever make this silly rules anyway? luckily i don't really care about the latest trend, the things you should or should not wear yadaa yadaa... soOo....yippee! it means i'm free to wear anything!! yeah,unless it is thick and good enough to cover myself from cold. ^^

anyway, whatever you all might be wearing, i hope you all are prepared for the changing season and take care not to catch a cold!

**oh, the season really is changing as i can see that the stores are now having autumn sale and they are already selling pumpkins! yeah, for halloween. yeah, here, in japan. =P


  1. Aren't Malaysians lucky! Season? Autumn, winter, spring? What's that? Yet Malaysians are crazy enough to wear woolen jumpers, sweaters and even thick black jackets in the middle of the hot streets. And they are not even lawyers!!!!

  2. since the stalls are crazy enough to sell those kind of attires in malaysia, there are surely people who are crazy enough to wear them anywear they like. hahah! yeah, it's true that people prefer to endure a lot of things just to be fashionable! ^^