Tuesday, 7 September 2010


i miss you.

yeah, 3 simple words yet they are truly meaningful. sometimes people might just say that out of habit, but it doesn't really matter because it never fails to make me warm inside. those words undeniably make people feel appreciated and remembered. such a good feeling eh? =)

well, in my case, i mean my words when i tell someone i miss him or her. looking at pictures, listening to music and even smelling something can make you remember someone. in a few days more we will celebrate aidilfitri and everyone seems really excited to get home to see family members. many and many posts on hari raya here and there. online raya card also seems the latest thing nowadays, that i assume the postmen in malaysia no longer have to work extra time. hehe, good for them!

due to many wishes and status updates especially on facebook, i really feel kinda left out. only having the lab technician by my side (i wonder what he is doing going in and out of the lab), i suddenly have this 'rindu' feeling to be in malaysia. even majority of the malaysians in kobe have gone back to malaysia. and out of all days, my labmates just have to go to a conference TODAY. GOSH!! how could you all leave me behind??? huh, only now i start to miss all of u! >.<

oh well oh well, i'm tough u know? the reason i'm still hanging around in kobe and not following the rest to kyushu for the conference is that........my parents are finally arriving tomorrow!!! yipyipeee~!!!!! ignore everything else, put all the work aside, take the broom and start cleaning up!! yeah! that's my task for tonight =P

oh, wait a minute. did i say i miss malaysia?? oh, yeah. i do. still. i miss my friends, home and malaysian food. but what is there to complain when my parents will be here with me on the 1st raya? to abe n kak aini, jangan jeles!!! hahah! insyaAllah next year we will celebrate raya together as a family ok! I MISS YOU!!!!!! both of you!!! muah muah!!

p/s: selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin to everyone. may we get the opportunity to meet ramadhan again next year. be sure to drive or be driven carefully on the road. love all of u to pieces!!! last but not least, I MISS............... everything la!! heheh.. muahXXxx! *hugS*

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