Wednesday, 29 September 2010

when tomorrow never comes

when we are happy celebrating a new born baby, trust me, at the same time there must be someone at some part of the world is also crying for losing someone, forever.

that is life. no one lives forever.

last 2 days, a birthday reminder from my facebook noted that it's a particular person's birthday. normally i would just wish anyone on my friend's list no matter how close i am with him or her because i know even a random and simple wish can make the person's day.

yes, if i could, i would. except, i couldn't. even if i wrote on the wall, the person just wouldn't get to reply it.

why? because she is no longer in this world. it has been almost a year since this young girl has left us. i feel like i am still in a state of shock because lately there are too many bad news about the lost of people who are dear to some people. and of course, to me.

on the 2nd day of raya, i lost my uncle who was very close to my family. to my parents, he was more of a friend than a mere 'biras' or 'ipar'. i remember during my secondary school, i used to stay at his house during weekends as my family was in kelantan at that time, and he and his family took a really good care of me. he was a successful person and i know he is loved by many people as he is really really generous and kind-hearted.

a few days before ramadhan, a very good friend of my brother was involved in a car accident and he couldn't be saved. it was a shocking piece of news because just a few days before he left us, was his birthday. and also, on the 7th day of syawal, a friend of mine whom i knew during AAJ days died because of an infection of the heart. yes, it broke my heart to hear all these news. not even a hari raya wish or a sorry i could tell them for any of my actions.

these news really make me think. if i were to go tomorrow, am i ready? what kind of things will i be remembered of? will people pray for me? and most of all, my ibadah. is it enough??

i am struggling with myself thinking these scary questions. i really hope only good things will be remembered when i leave. and also, like these late friends of mine, i sure hope people will pray and sedekah al-fatihah for me. anyway, i am taking this opportunity to ask for forgiveness to everyone for my wrongdoings. if i have hurt you in any way, i am truly sorry.

haih~ must be the wind from outside blowing so hard that i suddenly feel so melancholic. =P

and then.... again, there's another birthday reminder i couldn't wish.
al-fatihah to you my dear friend.


  1. wahhhh so melancholic. dont worry mok, i have all the faith in the world that if it is time for u to go, then you will be remembered very dearly by everyone who knows are a gem to those who love u.

    tutup tingkap kalau angin kuat sgt. huhu

  2. oh mok, that is so touching! u are a gem to me then... =)) love u so muchos la!!

    oh, ok, thanx 4 the reminder! no wonder... my window is not properly shut... T.T

  3. it's human destiny.. yg hidup pasti akan mati, to be wif the creator..

  4. yup, true... that is why everyone has to be ready for 'the' day... =)

  5. Every second of the day is precious and becomes more precious when a person approaches the twilight zone. You felt sad and missed those who have left us. But would you miss those who have gone but never loved. Certainly not. Be kind, be loved, and you will be remembered lovingly by those whom you have loved. Your family will always always love you.

  6. that makes sense. people who dont love us definitely wont miss us. thank you soOoo much for the kind words, and i shall remember them to lead a much better life. everybody wants to be loved, and i am so lucky to have my family who loves me endlessly!! =)) and i, too, will always always love my family! muah muah muah!!!! ^___^

  7. Hi darl. thanx for the kind thought of the late OU in your post. Alfathihah for the both of our friends. I love u very much darl. hehe jiwang karat plak. muah2

  8. Alfatihah for our beloved uncle as well. May they all be in a better place.

  9. huhu.. this is somewhat a gentle reminder to myself as well so that we will always prepare ourselves for hereafter.. i love u very much darl! =) don't stop praying for them. al-fatihah..