Thursday, 23 September 2010

when you feel down

what do you do when you feel down?

A: pick up your phone and call your parents/friends
B: sleep
C: cry
D: eat
E: take a shower
F: go out and shop
G: you don't do anything, because you like it that way. >.<
H: all the above
I: none of the above (other answer:..................... )

i used to make a phone call (or phone calls) and talk non-stop with those who can listen to me talking when i feel low. well, obviously talking make me feel better. wayyy better than to be alone.

i was rather low when my parents left me for malaysia the other day. but instead of making a call to a friend or siblings, i went out shopping. shopping really is a cure to me. the moment i stepped off the bus, i went inside sogo, OIOI, daimaru and the list goes on.... i ended up getting home only around 8pm with almost 6 plastic bags in my hands. shop till you drop eh? yeah, you could say that. by the time i got home i was lethargic and forgot my sadness already.=)

oh well, sadness doesn't bring any good to me, you know. so to everybody out there, don't make me sad, or my purse will get thinner. =P

p/s: thanks to my ever good buddy pekah for calling me that day to make sure i was okay. hehe... so i didn't make a phone call, but i received some... thanks my great sis for your call and of course miss pekah.

p/p/s: i miss my parentsssssssssss T____________T

anyone, visit me will ya? air asia is making a promotion starting december.... rm99?? cheap huh? so what are you waiting for? you have a flight to book!! =D


  1. nak pergiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

    btw, I'll take a shower whenever I feel down. =P

  2. as!!!!!!!!!!!! come come come!!!! last chance before kitorg ciao balik msia =P hehe
    btw, good choice, mesti busuk time2 ko feel down... hahaha

  3. I get depressed when I see ol' Bollywood flixs...then I know Astro has too many repeats and I have nothing else to watch except...Raj Kappoor, Sushi Kapoor, Kaki kapoor... !

  4. wow wow wow!!! this is news to me!! hahahah...! since when do u watch Bollywood? u should just turn the skype on rather than the tv then! u can see afiqah kapoor~ a much better view... wakakakka

  5. i missed ths post ><
    lm kite x ckp en! aku balik mlm lately..bcoz i sleep till 12 pstu dtg lbt kat lab.. hope everything is fine in kobe..
    i'll ring u in a near future..
    TC !!

  6. hehe.. will be waiting! or probably i'll call u 1st.. =)
    take care dear!!!