Wednesday, 20 October 2010

*sneeze sneeze* *cough cough*

i think i am catching a cold and it sucks big time to be in this state where your family is nowhere near. i can't stop sneezing and everywhere is just too cold for me, but when i switch off the fan, i feel really uncomfortable. i don't feel like going to the lab but my work awaits. not forgetting i have a meeting with my sensei (lecturer) this evening. (sensei, can we have the meeting in my house instead? >.<)

haih, if only i were 7 years old. how i miss being pampered by my family. they will definitely take a good care of me. even when i got stomach ache i would be running to my parents' room and cry for some 'minyak panas.' when i had a fever, my mother will keep changing a wet cloth on top of my head to reduce the temperature. being fed with porridge and taken care of medicines, i would get better only in couple of days.

nothing seems appealing when we are not feeling well. but one thing for sure, my appetite for food still doesn't change. and tonight a great junior invites me and my housemate for dinner! oh, i do hope they won't be catching a cold from me. i suppose this must be because of the changing season. huhu... so, my last words to all you before heading school:
  1. drink a lot of water
  2. wear something thick enough according to the weather
  3. sleep well (not too little, not too much)
  4. take supplements everyday also won't hurt
  5. be active
  6. last but not least, eat well! you are what you eat =)

p/s: regarding to my last post about these busybodies, it's no doubt people just hate to be gossiped about. however, we should always beware not to be one of them. i've read this post on a blog and how true it turns out to be! ;)

Friday, 15 October 2010

deal with them with patience

there are two types of people.

1- people who can't shut their mouth and tell something that other people should not know.
2- people who just LOVE to know about other people's story. mainly because they just LOVE gossips.

sometimes i don't really blame people who tell 'inside' stories because i know, people like number '2' can be really persuasive at times. but no matter what, people should know their boundaries. there are things better left unsaid. for example, family problem is one of the topics one should not discuss with random people. it is best not to tell anything bad about any of your family members or your partners (wife or husband) to friends. problems should be settled among themselves. the involvement of a 3rd party always brings bad ending.

and what do we call people like number 2? oh, that's simple! BUSYBODY!! and in simple malay: suka jaga tepi kain orang lain. i know people have desires to know other people's update. but somehow this kind of people seem to enjoy stories that are bad which are 'hot and spicy' enough to be told to other people. they can really go all out just to get some stories and it means the most if they are the first to know. why can't they feel satisfied with just good stories of their friends?

haih~ i can really get speechless when i encounter with this kind of situation. these people are everywhere. the world is beautiful but we always need to be careful with unexpected turn outs. i just hope i don't explode if anyone ever does this kind of things to me.

i really need to learn to be more patient. yes, with this people, we need loads and loads of patience.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

how about a change in lifestyle?

too much time on computer lately. my eyes are getting soar. at school i have no other choice than to sit in front of two computer screens. dealing with work means dealing with computers. at home, having 'me me me' time also with my laptop. can't help feeling that my social life is already down the drain.

i tried to play less with my facebook. yeah, thinking that i will end up socializing with people more. during weekends it is kinda successful. but now, during weekdays? bah~ no can do. i try reading story books at home, and ended up sleeping on the bed earlier than i thought. no matter how hard i try, at the end i will still start looking for something to type. type type type. ooho, meaning, back to the computer. what a lame life.

sometimes i wonder, do we get stuck with this kind of life style till the day we reach 70? 80? i can't imagine my grandmothers playing with the internet. haha! and have u read this?

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

weeheeeheee~~~ i'm in the middle of two extreeeeeme countries!!! a malaysian, studying in japan.

okay come on everyone! take our butts off the chair, take our eyes off the screen and lets do something healthy for a change. lessay, going out for a jog, NOW? we can really make a change, can't we?