Friday, 15 October 2010

deal with them with patience

there are two types of people.

1- people who can't shut their mouth and tell something that other people should not know.
2- people who just LOVE to know about other people's story. mainly because they just LOVE gossips.

sometimes i don't really blame people who tell 'inside' stories because i know, people like number '2' can be really persuasive at times. but no matter what, people should know their boundaries. there are things better left unsaid. for example, family problem is one of the topics one should not discuss with random people. it is best not to tell anything bad about any of your family members or your partners (wife or husband) to friends. problems should be settled among themselves. the involvement of a 3rd party always brings bad ending.

and what do we call people like number 2? oh, that's simple! BUSYBODY!! and in simple malay: suka jaga tepi kain orang lain. i know people have desires to know other people's update. but somehow this kind of people seem to enjoy stories that are bad which are 'hot and spicy' enough to be told to other people. they can really go all out just to get some stories and it means the most if they are the first to know. why can't they feel satisfied with just good stories of their friends?

haih~ i can really get speechless when i encounter with this kind of situation. these people are everywhere. the world is beautiful but we always need to be careful with unexpected turn outs. i just hope i don't explode if anyone ever does this kind of things to me.

i really need to learn to be more patient. yes, with this people, we need loads and loads of patience.


  1. u just cant get away from busybodies unless Ur one of them. thats life. the more stories u dig n spread the more attention u get... ths ppl think its cute,bubbly fun to act that way.moriagarukan situation..they just forget to put themselves in ur shoes.

    aku teramat kagum org yg sungguh interested in cerita org lain.majide kagum.they should join melodi.N paling kagum, if ad org nk busybody psl ko..ko type x kcau life org nor annoying kot.

    anyways,just remember ppl yg try porakperandakan life ko r jealous ppl..they wanted sumthing u alwas been hving so buat perangai mcm2..

    whatever they say, ur cool !

  2. i know! maybe that is one of the reasons why i sometimes hate to make contact with people. (err, which happens only once in a blue moon though). i have no problem dealing with 'gossip-free' people. busybodies are real pain the butt. *pardon my language*

    tuh la, dorang banyak sgt baca section hiburan n rasa 'in' when they have stories. cerita utk dijaja apetah lagi. if only it happens to them, surely they will get really really mad.

    oh, but then again, maybe they WANT people to talk about them, since they might think they are totally hot that people are discussing about them. hah, no wonder! now i understand the reason people want to know the stories of our life! our life is just irresistible! truly!

  3. best thing to do is, ignore them. kalau hiss at them balik memang senang but it doesnt make any difference, right? they'd still go around telling stories/asking for stories so rather than give them something to gossip about, just let them be. lame2 senyapla diorg. haha. believe me. if i could get mad at everything they say about me, i will eventually go crazy.

    be strong babe :)

  4. such person mmg annoyin'! so called 'internet b'gerak'. keep tellin' others 'bout peeps stories which most of the time is incorrect! lepas tu siap tokok-tambah lagik! konon2 nak kasik those stories lagik dasat & bestlah! really2 annoyin' kan? huh!

  5. erghhh benci org yg suka jage tepi kain org sgt!!truly from the bottom of my heart I hate them!!!huuu emo plak..
    hope to talk to you later~~

    p/s nice post as usual :D

  6. atil~ ur doing great at ignoring them. i wish i could be as relaxed as u are. there are also some people who we trust with our stories and they end up breaking up the stories to other people. that's the worst category yet. haih, really, i guess i have to take a rest and just ignore them. being around them might also turn me into one of them. ugh, n i know i dont want that >.<

    kak roz... mmg sangat annoying. kalau tokok tambah cita tuh, memang sah2 ada. coz without the extras, they know the stories won't be as interesting.end up citer tuh dah memang lain sgt.. betul la, kene stay away dari dorang2 nih.. waaa~~!

    mimi, kan?? i can understand if u get all emotional because of this bunch of people. makin2 besar, makin2 ramai orang kita jumpe macam nih. n i thot it's so high school to jaga tepi kain orang nih... haish...
    oh, thanks dear...! i think i wrote this from the bottom of my heart. tgh bengang lagi senang menulis. tuh la pasal... heheh..
    hope to talk to u soon! =)

  7. atel nice point lah..part bia derang penat tu mmg betul dan memerlukan kesabaran yg banyaxxx tapi klu berjaye ignore mmg cool lah! fiqah's just not used to ppl talking bad bout her.sbb ni 1st time ade org aneh gile smpai ngn fiqah yg x cari psl pun dier main sapu je nak jaja story... ehh kan pekah dah ter-emo lagi..aduhh

    wpun ak xtau ape cter sbnarnye the whole world know dat org tu messing with the wrong person.sure sumorang rs dier senget(otak dier yg senget,bukan senget pakwe atel)

  8. hahahah! kan dah tak pasal2 nama senget masuk skali... :P
    thanks la korang. im already used to ppl talking something bad behind me, but that was so high-school punya trend. so, let'S just anggap these people as mere childish. memang buang masa pk pasal dorang kan ;)

  9. The solution to gossip pests is outright simple. Kill their feeling of self-importance, self-centeredness and unfounded popularity, as reflected by your intense blog, by being indifferent to them. Indifference will make them feel irrelevant and bacteria-size.

  10. hehe, that wraps everything up. ignore them, in other words, being indifferent. once they are ignored, it will automatically kill their desire to gossip around. but for those who keep on talking even after being ignored, i guess they just cant be helped. degil.. hahaha =D

  11. mok, saper yang kurang ajo tuh mok?? meh kenalkan sket kat kakak ko ni ha. pandai la aku ajar kanak2 ribena nih. budak2 je yg asyik mengumpat2 memburuk2kan orang lain. contoh terbaik orang yg tak berjaya. lap u

  12. hahahahah! that's my sister la! =)
    thanks mok! i dont think u want to know these people. buek poning palo jo... will talk to u some time~ =P lap u so much too!

  13. Susah nk dpt borak ngn kak aini tu skang. hehe keja sampai tgh mlm je everyday,, sgt kasihan. haha. nanti ade mase kite skype la darl. n just talk about ourselves. (=

  14. yessss, lets do that! why bother talking about other people right? hahaha! sian our sister sorang tuh... hope she's doing well, n u too, take care k darl! :D