Tuesday, 12 October 2010

how about a change in lifestyle?

too much time on computer lately. my eyes are getting soar. at school i have no other choice than to sit in front of two computer screens. dealing with work means dealing with computers. at home, having 'me me me' time also with my laptop. can't help feeling that my social life is already down the drain.

i tried to play less with my facebook. yeah, thinking that i will end up socializing with people more. during weekends it is kinda successful. but now, during weekdays? bah~ no can do. i try reading story books at home, and ended up sleeping on the bed earlier than i thought. no matter how hard i try, at the end i will still start looking for something to type. type type type. ooho, meaning, back to the computer. what a lame life.

sometimes i wonder, do we get stuck with this kind of life style till the day we reach 70? 80? i can't imagine my grandmothers playing with the internet. haha! and have u read this?

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

weeheeeheee~~~ i'm in the middle of two extreeeeeme countries!!! a malaysian, studying in japan.

okay come on everyone! take our butts off the chair, take our eyes off the screen and lets do something healthy for a change. lessay, going out for a jog, NOW? we can really make a change, can't we?


  1. agreeeee!!lets do sumth more meaningful n productive rather then spying on ppl on FB..hhaa..

  2. riiiighhht!!! in a way, thanks to u jugak coz u really took some actions and u seem to be doing well enough. reading books, magazines and interact with people directly turn out to be more informative and satisfying. =)
    seriously FB has more cons than pros.

  3. let's get the party started, bebeh! ha3..

  4. yeah~! what r we waiting for! let's! haahah!! ^__^

  5. hahaaa tu lah i was thinking of deactivating my fb back.
    sebenanye aritu yg reactivate tu simply bcause:
    i was in ginza looking for restoran jom makan.dah tny lan n kawan apek tp xjpe2 gak sbb lupe subway exit yg mane.. pstu tepakse suruh syikin activate sbb ak ade tulis kat one of the videos i uploded.nk deactvate x smp hati lak sbb kakak aku n u guys n dormmates msg2 time tu..seems missing me :") hahaa.. pjgnye aku ckp.baik call ko je sng

  6. hahah! agak dah! once u r serious in doing something, im sure u'll proceed. so i was quite surprised when u reactivated ur account. hurm, no wonder! but it's ok la. u don't really have to delete the account. make it as one of the tools to stay in contact with them who are very faraway. =)

  7. The Facebook Book is not the offender; but oneself. The enemy is your weakness, your inability to be disciplined, discriminating etc. I never blame the good food if I get 'blubbery but comel....'

  8. hahaha!! agreed! one just needs the mental strength to reduce something that is excessive. and in this era, it's of course, the famous facebook. talking about good food, now i'm getting hungry... ugh, be disciplined afiqah! >.<