Thursday, 25 November 2010

the prize for being positive ^^


that's what everyone wants to feel. and that's what i'm feeling right now. being surrounded by love and more love everyday, that's the reason i'm smiling each and everyday. having family that understands and never stops praying for the best of me. having friends that support and share happiness with me. having people that contribute memories to my life. directly or indirectly, everyone has an impact on my life.

thank you for being there for me. =)

i always make this kind of post, and people might get bored already with my way of thinking. but being positive IS the easy way to get through the days. always and always remember how you are blessed by great people and the good things around you, and i'm pretty sure it will somehow brighten up your day.

many times my loved ones cry or feel down about something. neither i have the perfect way nor the perfect words to console them. all i could do is to make sure they feel good about themselves and no matter what situation they are in, i believe there will always be a way out. be positive towards everything, and you will be free.

you might not always feel special, but there are always people who feel you are special to them. believe in yourself more as there are always people who look up to you. to some people, you are like their hero, but you might just not notice it. just keep on moving and trust yourself more.

seriously, i really am feeling the good vibes. lately everything seems brighter and more fulfilling. i am so grateful of everything that has happened to me. Alhamdulillah is all i could say. =)

just a few pics of my latest happenings with the loved ones =)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

just call my name and you'll make my day =)

feel like making one's day?

why not start with a smile. a genuine smile which can brighten up one's day. inserting a 'hello' along with that beautiful smile will be much much better. seriously, you don't have to be the person's best friend in order to make his or her day. just be pleasant and the world will be by your side.

smile like him, and everybody will definitely melt! =)

if you have enough time, maybe you can be the one to start a conversation. break the silence, try to be a little bit chatty. if you really have no idea how, try with a simple compliment like, "you look really nice today." or "you seem happy, anything happen lately?". well, try not to use a busybody tone by the way. =P

however, just talk when you have something nice to say. people always say, "only talk when it's necessary." yeah, i like that, but i personally can't do that. i always find something to say and end up talking too much. ugh~ (you can find me a little bit quiet when i am around my japanese friends though. yeah2, language barrier. tell me about it! >.<)

words can either have good or bad effect. depends on how we convey them. even when we want to give out some opinions we really need to be careful with our chosen words. maybe we have good intention and never want to hurt anybody's feeling, but being a mr know-it-all doesn't at all help the situation.

well, it's not that difficult to make one's day actually. even small children can be unpredictable and make our day. just like today, my friend's daughter knew my name!

her mother asked her, "do you remember this kakak's name?" she nodded and replied, "kakak cun!"

YEAH!!! do you see what i mean?? she made my day just by calling my name! =))

yes, she's the one who made my day! =)

and this sweet boy here made my day by taking my picture =)

p/s: i had the greatest weekend! thanks dearest kobeians for always making my days in japan so so meaningful. though our real family is so far away, we all here are like family to each other. love you all to pieces!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

this is my fairy tale

sometimes people wish that life would be more like a fairy tale.

just ask the magic mirror to make sure you always look good.

just get a pet mouse to help you make a beautiful dress.

just pluck a poison apple when you want to torture your enemy. T.T

just sing to your heart's content, and a prince will come along and join you singing.

ugh... okay, so life is not that simple. we need to work hard in achieving something, that's for sure. we even need to work hard just to wake up in the morning! forget all those dreams about having birds that chirp beautiful songs through your bedroom window as wake up call. learn to struggle with noisy alarm clocks or vibrating hand phones (and learn not to destroy them while hitting the snooze button). learn to finish up something ourselves. there are no elves living under our beds which will only crawl out at night to finish up our work. this is the real life. whether we like it or not, we have to learn to do everything ourselves. it's not that bad you know. =)

so, remind me again why we have to struggle to gain something?

yes! it's because it makes our success means a lot more and tastes sweeter when we achieve it with our own hard work. naturally, if everything is too easy and achievable in a blink of an eye, we won't know what the true meaning of satisfaction is. God makes life in such way that disappointments come hand in hand with happiness. in order to get something, there will always be some difficulties along the way.

well, if we look it from a fairy tale way, even the princes and princesses have to defeat the mouth-full-of-stinking-hot-fire dragons or at least got cheated by an evil fairy before they make their way to their live-happily-ever-after ending. phew, lucky we don't dragons in real life. or else, we need firemen in every corner of the town. >.<

anyway, like a quote i read this morning,

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.
- Hans Christian Andersen

hooyeah! right after reading this, i'm soOo getting ready to face the world! i'm on my way to make my own wonderful fairy tale, peeps!

yeah, starting from getting ready to go to school. >.<


to all of you, all the best in creating your own version of happy ending story! you might wanna check out yourself if there really is a prince charming with a wide kingdom, waiting somewhere for you ^^

p/s: i don't know what happen to my laptop lately, it has been unwell these past few days. i can't type certain letters such as o, p, l and a few other functions. but once in a while, i can use it without any problem just like now. and so, that is my excuse for not updating my blog everyday like other bloggers... (hah! lame excuse! LOL)

yikes! i have zemi (my lab's weekly presentation) in only an hour's time! gotta rush! daa~ =)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

higher!! higher!!

we made a circle and played with the balloon. pretending the balloon as a volley ball, we hit it and passed it among ourselves, around the circle. weird though how much we hit it, the balloon didn't go any higher. nobody paid any attention at how high the balloon was hit. everyone was more focused on talking rather than hitting. again, weird, i couldn't remember what topic we were discussing on. i was paying more attention to the balloon.

i guess.

came my turn and my eyes were bright. i collected my energy and determined to hit it higher. yeah! much much higher. that's what my mission was. no one wanted to do it properly, so let it be me!

1, 2, 3.... HIT!!!!!



huh? what happened? where did the balloon go?

it was hard to see. it was dark, but slowly my eyes caught some light. the moment i saw my surrounding, i knew there won't be any balloon, nor any chit chatting friends. i knew then that it was just a 'balloony' dream.... ugh

and guess what i hit instead???


it was on my side table. it didn't fall on the floor. but instead, i found my table lamp on the floor. oh, so it was u waking me up from that dream.... waaaaa!!! my favourite lamp!!!!!

i almost jumped out of my bed to check on my lamp. huh, it was a relief seeing nothing was broken. only the filament in the bulb was literally chopped off. oh, you poor little lamp. that must be some push i gave you T.T

stupid dream. because of you i had to play with wires, making sure my laptop and table lamp were okay, at 3 o'clock in the morning!!!!

ugh, seriously, why did i have to be so determined in everything. why the hell did i want to hit that stupid balloon anyway.... sigh!

p/s: i just finished up my 4th presentation yesterday! n today the whole japan is on holiday, celebrating for me!! yey!! eh, bukan ke?... it's their culture day today. hehe, whatever~ :P