Wednesday, 3 November 2010

higher!! higher!!

we made a circle and played with the balloon. pretending the balloon as a volley ball, we hit it and passed it among ourselves, around the circle. weird though how much we hit it, the balloon didn't go any higher. nobody paid any attention at how high the balloon was hit. everyone was more focused on talking rather than hitting. again, weird, i couldn't remember what topic we were discussing on. i was paying more attention to the balloon.

i guess.

came my turn and my eyes were bright. i collected my energy and determined to hit it higher. yeah! much much higher. that's what my mission was. no one wanted to do it properly, so let it be me!

1, 2, 3.... HIT!!!!!



huh? what happened? where did the balloon go?

it was hard to see. it was dark, but slowly my eyes caught some light. the moment i saw my surrounding, i knew there won't be any balloon, nor any chit chatting friends. i knew then that it was just a 'balloony' dream.... ugh

and guess what i hit instead???


it was on my side table. it didn't fall on the floor. but instead, i found my table lamp on the floor. oh, so it was u waking me up from that dream.... waaaaa!!! my favourite lamp!!!!!

i almost jumped out of my bed to check on my lamp. huh, it was a relief seeing nothing was broken. only the filament in the bulb was literally chopped off. oh, you poor little lamp. that must be some push i gave you T.T

stupid dream. because of you i had to play with wires, making sure my laptop and table lamp were okay, at 3 o'clock in the morning!!!!

ugh, seriously, why did i have to be so determined in everything. why the hell did i want to hit that stupid balloon anyway.... sigh!

p/s: i just finished up my 4th presentation yesterday! n today the whole japan is on holiday, celebrating for me!! yey!! eh, bukan ke?... it's their culture day today. hehe, whatever~ :P


  1. The nearer you are to zero (0) presentation the nearer you are to your family..and they are 'home'. But as you go nearer to home the nearer you are to real life...then you will discover that life is not much fun. So, while you have the o[pportunity enjoy Kobe as there will come a time when one of your many wishes will be to be young and in Japan again....and then you would wish for more "presentations".

  2. hahah! funny that u would think i hate presentations. hurm, seriously speaking, nobody likes tedious work, especially when it concerns more than 12 hours of working. but what people don't know is that, i really love doing these things. however weird it may sound, i enjoy every time spent with my labmates. since presentation has its magical way to bring me closer to my batchmates and seniors, it's considered to be the most enjoyable season of the year. well, no doubt it is also considered a stressful moment, but hey, i never complained. it's just a relief to successfully finish a presentation =)

    and of course, zero presentation means i'm nearer to my real beloveds, ie my family. there is always pros and cons in everything. =)