Sunday, 14 November 2010

just call my name and you'll make my day =)

feel like making one's day?

why not start with a smile. a genuine smile which can brighten up one's day. inserting a 'hello' along with that beautiful smile will be much much better. seriously, you don't have to be the person's best friend in order to make his or her day. just be pleasant and the world will be by your side.

smile like him, and everybody will definitely melt! =)

if you have enough time, maybe you can be the one to start a conversation. break the silence, try to be a little bit chatty. if you really have no idea how, try with a simple compliment like, "you look really nice today." or "you seem happy, anything happen lately?". well, try not to use a busybody tone by the way. =P

however, just talk when you have something nice to say. people always say, "only talk when it's necessary." yeah, i like that, but i personally can't do that. i always find something to say and end up talking too much. ugh~ (you can find me a little bit quiet when i am around my japanese friends though. yeah2, language barrier. tell me about it! >.<)

words can either have good or bad effect. depends on how we convey them. even when we want to give out some opinions we really need to be careful with our chosen words. maybe we have good intention and never want to hurt anybody's feeling, but being a mr know-it-all doesn't at all help the situation.

well, it's not that difficult to make one's day actually. even small children can be unpredictable and make our day. just like today, my friend's daughter knew my name!

her mother asked her, "do you remember this kakak's name?" she nodded and replied, "kakak cun!"

YEAH!!! do you see what i mean?? she made my day just by calling my name! =))

yes, she's the one who made my day! =)

and this sweet boy here made my day by taking my picture =)

p/s: i had the greatest weekend! thanks dearest kobeians for always making my days in japan so so meaningful. though our real family is so far away, we all here are like family to each other. love you all to pieces!


  1. The other I attended a meeting and I referred to the CJM's title prior to making a suggestion, and promptly smack in the midst of the meeting, he said, "don't call be by my title. Ariffin will do. Huh? Wow, so personal. I nearly fell off my chair. Ada yang jealous. Then, he told the CJ,"Suri, was so hard working and cleared cases in Kota Bharu!" Wow! That made my day. I agree with you...mentioning ones name but in a positive note is always a plus factor and a good starter for the day.

  2. wow!! cool! and because of that i have a new point of view about CJM! of course other people will get jealous hearing that. waakakak! if i were you, that kind of mention not only make my day, but will definitely make my week! :D

  3. Cool man! We miss u for our Hari Raya Haji...the rest are with us and regardless of demam etc. we are blisfully 83.333% happy.

  4. chis, kak aini ingat apa je... ko curi nama kak aini... duhhhh selamat hari raya darl..kak aini ngan ayah demam..huhu love u

  5. yeah yeah!! selamat hari raya haji to my beloved family!! hope ayah n kak aini get well soon. kak aini sounded terrible in the phone just now... huhu... love u!!

    oh my sis, don't be too surprised. kids nowadays are easily taught. dulu kak aini suruh2 budak2 panggil kak aini auntie cun, dorang asik lupe.. hahha! tough luck.. nway, love u so much too! =))

  6. akak....bile tgk gambar nabe tu tringat mane lg gambar nabe yg len eh??ade upload ke??hehe

  7. hurm... rasa byk kat camera kak adil kalau x silap... x upload kat fb coz tak pakai tudung... hahaha! =P