Thursday, 25 November 2010

the prize for being positive ^^


that's what everyone wants to feel. and that's what i'm feeling right now. being surrounded by love and more love everyday, that's the reason i'm smiling each and everyday. having family that understands and never stops praying for the best of me. having friends that support and share happiness with me. having people that contribute memories to my life. directly or indirectly, everyone has an impact on my life.

thank you for being there for me. =)

i always make this kind of post, and people might get bored already with my way of thinking. but being positive IS the easy way to get through the days. always and always remember how you are blessed by great people and the good things around you, and i'm pretty sure it will somehow brighten up your day.

many times my loved ones cry or feel down about something. neither i have the perfect way nor the perfect words to console them. all i could do is to make sure they feel good about themselves and no matter what situation they are in, i believe there will always be a way out. be positive towards everything, and you will be free.

you might not always feel special, but there are always people who feel you are special to them. believe in yourself more as there are always people who look up to you. to some people, you are like their hero, but you might just not notice it. just keep on moving and trust yourself more.

seriously, i really am feeling the good vibes. lately everything seems brighter and more fulfilling. i am so grateful of everything that has happened to me. Alhamdulillah is all i could say. =)

just a few pics of my latest happenings with the loved ones =)


  1. Having been overwhelmed by the energy oozing from the post, my smirk expanded to a huge smile, and felt really good to realise how well you have adjusted to life, and far away at that. Can't ask for a better beginning for the day for me 'confirmed' in the thought that the vibes are good emanating from across the waters. Iqa, you are the best! "Nothing comes from nothing" and the best comes from the best!

  2. wow! im glad that this post has made u feel more relaxed and assured that im leading a good life. all thanks to u as u r the one who has been giving me all the motivation and laying out a lot of opportunities to me. yeah, totally agree, i definitely come from the best! ie from my lovely parents =)

  3. afiqah is synonymous to positivity.
    dats my insho. u never changed a bit !
    dats wut i loike bout ya!
    ok gimme some of wut uve got bebeh!!
    smoge aku pun positif dan hepiii manjang cm ko

  4. hahah! happy manjang kah~ im glad that i have that kind of insho.. love you for the sweet words la yunk! muahXxx! <3