Tuesday, 9 November 2010

this is my fairy tale

sometimes people wish that life would be more like a fairy tale.

just ask the magic mirror to make sure you always look good.

just get a pet mouse to help you make a beautiful dress.

just pluck a poison apple when you want to torture your enemy. T.T

just sing to your heart's content, and a prince will come along and join you singing.

ugh... okay, so life is not that simple. we need to work hard in achieving something, that's for sure. we even need to work hard just to wake up in the morning! forget all those dreams about having birds that chirp beautiful songs through your bedroom window as wake up call. learn to struggle with noisy alarm clocks or vibrating hand phones (and learn not to destroy them while hitting the snooze button). learn to finish up something ourselves. there are no elves living under our beds which will only crawl out at night to finish up our work. this is the real life. whether we like it or not, we have to learn to do everything ourselves. it's not that bad you know. =)

so, remind me again why we have to struggle to gain something?

yes! it's because it makes our success means a lot more and tastes sweeter when we achieve it with our own hard work. naturally, if everything is too easy and achievable in a blink of an eye, we won't know what the true meaning of satisfaction is. God makes life in such way that disappointments come hand in hand with happiness. in order to get something, there will always be some difficulties along the way.

well, if we look it from a fairy tale way, even the princes and princesses have to defeat the mouth-full-of-stinking-hot-fire dragons or at least got cheated by an evil fairy before they make their way to their live-happily-ever-after ending. phew, lucky we don't dragons in real life. or else, we need firemen in every corner of the town. >.<

anyway, like a quote i read this morning,

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.
- Hans Christian Andersen

hooyeah! right after reading this, i'm soOo getting ready to face the world! i'm on my way to make my own wonderful fairy tale, peeps!

yeah, starting from getting ready to go to school. >.<


to all of you, all the best in creating your own version of happy ending story! you might wanna check out yourself if there really is a prince charming with a wide kingdom, waiting somewhere for you ^^

p/s: i don't know what happen to my laptop lately, it has been unwell these past few days. i can't type certain letters such as o, p, l and a few other functions. but once in a while, i can use it without any problem just like now. and so, that is my excuse for not updating my blog everyday like other bloggers... (hah! lame excuse! LOL)

yikes! i have zemi (my lab's weekly presentation) in only an hour's time! gotta rush! daa~ =)

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