Sunday, 26 December 2010

GREAT excuses to be excused

26th december! it's my sister's one year wedding anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY big sis n bro-in -law! =)

WHOA~ it also implies that i am one year older from the day my sister got married. at this same time of last year, i was busy entertaining people who came to our house for the akad nikah session. yeah, in MALAYSIA.

and now, at this time of the year, i am obviously in KOBE. doing some work at lab, trying to finish up my last minute experiment. uhuk3, so sad, thinking that everyone is probably enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in this breezing winter at a cool cafe, or probably enjoying the long queue at an entertainment park, or enjoying a snowboard trip yadaa yadaaa... T.T

okay, not jealous. definitely not. in fact, i am really excited myself to visit my lab on a weekend because tomorrow, will be my last day of schooling before my winter holiday starts!!! yeay!!! oh, im gonna miss my lab~~~ LOL! so, who cares whether other people have started their holidays earlier. to have a reasonably long holiday during my final year is better than nothing. right? :D

and to top that, my brother is coming to town~~~~ give 3 cheers for my big handsome brother!! hip hip! hoorayyyh! ( saje nk mintak abang belanja... :D)
yeah, he is coming on the 30th december and i can't wait to spend some quality time with him. besides, my dear friend syairah is also coming around that time, that i am really sure it will turn out to be a great winter holiday. insyaAllah!

i told my senior that i can't attend his presentation this coming january as i need to send my brother off to the airport. he just widened his eyes and said: 'and now it's your BROTHER?'
i just laughed. though it might sound a bit like a sarcasm, i guess he accepted it well enough as he said he doesn't mind, and he's going to save a copy of his presentation sheet for me later on. =P
thanks sempai! ^^

oh well, i don't blame any of my labmates if they ever think that i am only making excuses for not going to school. last june i had to go back to malaysia for my SISTER's wedding reception. last september i didn't attend the conference with the rest as my PARENTS were coming to kobe. and this time around, it's my BROTHER. he's coming to pay me a visit! hahahahaha!! how can i not love my family so much. they have given me some realllllly good excuses to be on a holiday! :D

it makes me think. imagine if i have more than 3 siblings.............. hurm~~~

HAHAH! okay, dream on afiqah! bagi betis nak peha!

there, mok 1, mok 2 and mok 3, ie: my brother, my sis n the patriotic me! =P

p/s: well, anyway, before it gets too late, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!!!! =))

Sunday, 12 December 2010

2007 to 2011

it's only the 6th day of our Islamic hijrah year. the 6th day of year 1432. what have we achieved in year 1431 and what are we aiming for this new year? not only we have opened a 'new book' for hijrah calendar, but our year 2010 is also coming to an end.

yes, at last!!! the year 2011 is coming. it is just around the corner.

i have been waiting for 2011 to come since 22nd march of 2007. that was my first day i ever put my two feet on this country of sunrise. that was the day i understood how people can live in a verrryy small unit. it was also the first day i was amazed by their toilet washlet system. well, definitely very advance! =)

my early days in japan, year 2007 ^^

during that year, my 4th year seniors always told me that 4 years is not that long. time just flies and without even realising it, it will be the time to take our scroll. hurm, and true enough it doesn't seem that long that i can't believe myself that i am going to leave this country for good in just a few months' time and i am super excited!!! to be exact, i am super duper excited!! =))

these past 4 years have taught me a lot, a lot more than i can ever learn in my own country. here, i learn to live as a Muslim in a country with people who most of them have no faith in religion, people who have not much idea of Islam. not many Muslims can be seen around but we appreciate each other more that we will always greet one another by giving salam whenever we meet. in Malaysia, i don't really get that warm greetings from other Muslims as it is too normal to find another Muslim i guess.

here, i also learn to be the black sheep. the one that is TOTALLY different from the rest. obviously i look different with my tudung and all. i also speak weird japanese. up till today i don't speak fluently. i know that sometimes my dearest labmates make fun of my kansai-ben. (kansai dialect) GRRRR!!! wait till i make fun of your malay! and that IF you can speak malay T.T
being the only one that doesn't drink those beers and sakes during drinking parties, the only one who doesn't eat meat, chicken, pork etc etc (and each time i have to explain why) but i still survive up till today and i still had fun hanging out with them. the most i appreciate is that they respect my view and never ridicule my beliefs. and the one that i love the most is when they try so hard and go all out to consider the food that i can or can't eat each time i join any parties. =)))

and here, i have a wider view of friendship. i know who i can rely on and who i can't really trust. as we grow older, we become wiser (i guess) and we can see people for who they really are. i can never be grateful enough for those who have stood by me through my thick and thin. you all are real keepers. also, leaving far away from the people whom i love shows that distance doesn't at all break a bond.

since year 2007 to 2011, i have met a lot of people along the way. hateful people who are hypocrites, backstabbers, sweet talkers with a dark evil side, gossipers, and a real pain in the a** kind of people. but of course, on the other hand i have also met real sweethearts who are really sensitive towards people's feeling, caring, generous, lovable and a real friend in need. these are the ones who keep me strong during my days in japan. no matter how little or much time we have spent together, the great memories will always remain in my heart. i don't have to mention names here as you know who you are =)))

2010 is coming to an end soon. and i hope i will find more sweethearts and less pain in the a** kind of people before i make my move back to my beloved country. nobody wants to mix around with the wrong people or we will end up having a heart ache right? and as for that, my resolution for the new year is to be more patient and to be a better person in whole so that i won't fall into the hateful people category. ;)

now this is a real sweetheart! =)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

KY: kuuki yomenai

don't be so touchy!

ohkayyy, that is also one kind of being sensitive. but what i'm going to state here is about being able to read the situation and being considerate to other people's feeling. in easy words, put ourselves in others' shoes.

wonder how to be a sensitive person? just ask ourselves these few questions.

do we like to be treated in that kind of way? is it appropriate to do such thing or to ask such question at that particular moment? if we ourselves do not like to be treated in such way, than naturally others also don't. simple eh? we don't have to be mind readers to be able to read the situation.

people can sometimes be so insensitive and do something without considering one's situation. in japanese, people call it : KY, stands for kuuki yomenai.

try being pushy, inconsiderate, insensitive towards others feelings or situation, and say something without thinking, and voila~ you'll definitely be rated as the number one biggest KY.

the problem with these KY people is not that they are too lazy to open their eyes wide enough, but they are too cold-hearted and do not want to study the surrounding to respond or act accordingly. being sensitive doesn't kill you know.

for instant, take writing an sms as example. it doesn't hurt to have a friendly intro like asking how your friend is doing, whether he or she is in good health, any good news or perhaps just a 'hello' can never go wrong. these few words can make much difference rather than just typing your true intention such as, 'i want to borrow your shirt tonight, i'll take it on my way home later.' or 'i need you to come over and do a few things.'

(and the worst kind of all is those who just write 'k' in a reply to a loOong message.)

i can never understand when people need some help, but they end up making it more like an order. it's so much better to say politely so that others will feel easier to lend a hand. of course there are some people who can never reject when their help is needed, but never ever take their kindness for granted. no one likes to be taken granted for, no matter how kind that person is.

besides being very pushy in asking a favour, there are also people who do not know when to keep their opinions to themselves. they just say whatever as they like without thinking. of course there are things that are considered sensitive to a person, so it's better to respect their view and never talk something that they do not wish to listen or to be asked.

in simple words, just treat others the way how we want to be treated. it helps by asking ourselves whether or not we want to be friends with ourselves. if we find that we have flaws here and there which other people might not like, there is always room for improvement. definitely no one is perfect, that is why i need to remind myself too.

let's be a better person for a better tomorrow! =)