Sunday, 26 December 2010

GREAT excuses to be excused

26th december! it's my sister's one year wedding anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY big sis n bro-in -law! =)

WHOA~ it also implies that i am one year older from the day my sister got married. at this same time of last year, i was busy entertaining people who came to our house for the akad nikah session. yeah, in MALAYSIA.

and now, at this time of the year, i am obviously in KOBE. doing some work at lab, trying to finish up my last minute experiment. uhuk3, so sad, thinking that everyone is probably enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in this breezing winter at a cool cafe, or probably enjoying the long queue at an entertainment park, or enjoying a snowboard trip yadaa yadaaa... T.T

okay, not jealous. definitely not. in fact, i am really excited myself to visit my lab on a weekend because tomorrow, will be my last day of schooling before my winter holiday starts!!! yeay!!! oh, im gonna miss my lab~~~ LOL! so, who cares whether other people have started their holidays earlier. to have a reasonably long holiday during my final year is better than nothing. right? :D

and to top that, my brother is coming to town~~~~ give 3 cheers for my big handsome brother!! hip hip! hoorayyyh! ( saje nk mintak abang belanja... :D)
yeah, he is coming on the 30th december and i can't wait to spend some quality time with him. besides, my dear friend syairah is also coming around that time, that i am really sure it will turn out to be a great winter holiday. insyaAllah!

i told my senior that i can't attend his presentation this coming january as i need to send my brother off to the airport. he just widened his eyes and said: 'and now it's your BROTHER?'
i just laughed. though it might sound a bit like a sarcasm, i guess he accepted it well enough as he said he doesn't mind, and he's going to save a copy of his presentation sheet for me later on. =P
thanks sempai! ^^

oh well, i don't blame any of my labmates if they ever think that i am only making excuses for not going to school. last june i had to go back to malaysia for my SISTER's wedding reception. last september i didn't attend the conference with the rest as my PARENTS were coming to kobe. and this time around, it's my BROTHER. he's coming to pay me a visit! hahahahaha!! how can i not love my family so much. they have given me some realllllly good excuses to be on a holiday! :D

it makes me think. imagine if i have more than 3 siblings.............. hurm~~~

HAHAH! okay, dream on afiqah! bagi betis nak peha!

there, mok 1, mok 2 and mok 3, ie: my brother, my sis n the patriotic me! =P

p/s: well, anyway, before it gets too late, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!!!! =))


  1. hai bro afiq c u next week !
    fiqah...gbr last tamaranai ahh..

    congrats gak 2 k aini n her husband on their annv ..smoge hepi slalu~~

  2. thanks darl! and thanks tictactoe. huhuhu kak aini nak gi jepun, but dont know when. sob2. nanti mok, kak aini pass coat2 semua kat abe. have a good holiday with your bro and frens!!! thanks again for the wish. =)

    kakak ko yg cun

  3. Hehe tik tak toe see u later too insyaallah!! (= abe pun tak sabar nk jumpa iqa yay!! Nasib abe tgh boolat. X perlu la bawak mnyk sgt baju tebal. Haha lap u darl. Ps- nnti abe blnje minum kopi kt sana. Muah2 -abe yg cool-

  4. tictactoe: though we met kejap je that day, but it was lovely~ mau jumpa lagiiii... huhuh

    anonymous1: thankssss for ur coat darl!!! love u loaDss!!

    anonymous2: miss u already!! sunyi dah umah iqa... >.<

    *sobs* my life is getting quieter by the day... rindu my true frens n family so much! *sigh*