Saturday, 4 December 2010

KY: kuuki yomenai

don't be so touchy!

ohkayyy, that is also one kind of being sensitive. but what i'm going to state here is about being able to read the situation and being considerate to other people's feeling. in easy words, put ourselves in others' shoes.

wonder how to be a sensitive person? just ask ourselves these few questions.

do we like to be treated in that kind of way? is it appropriate to do such thing or to ask such question at that particular moment? if we ourselves do not like to be treated in such way, than naturally others also don't. simple eh? we don't have to be mind readers to be able to read the situation.

people can sometimes be so insensitive and do something without considering one's situation. in japanese, people call it : KY, stands for kuuki yomenai.

try being pushy, inconsiderate, insensitive towards others feelings or situation, and say something without thinking, and voila~ you'll definitely be rated as the number one biggest KY.

the problem with these KY people is not that they are too lazy to open their eyes wide enough, but they are too cold-hearted and do not want to study the surrounding to respond or act accordingly. being sensitive doesn't kill you know.

for instant, take writing an sms as example. it doesn't hurt to have a friendly intro like asking how your friend is doing, whether he or she is in good health, any good news or perhaps just a 'hello' can never go wrong. these few words can make much difference rather than just typing your true intention such as, 'i want to borrow your shirt tonight, i'll take it on my way home later.' or 'i need you to come over and do a few things.'

(and the worst kind of all is those who just write 'k' in a reply to a loOong message.)

i can never understand when people need some help, but they end up making it more like an order. it's so much better to say politely so that others will feel easier to lend a hand. of course there are some people who can never reject when their help is needed, but never ever take their kindness for granted. no one likes to be taken granted for, no matter how kind that person is.

besides being very pushy in asking a favour, there are also people who do not know when to keep their opinions to themselves. they just say whatever as they like without thinking. of course there are things that are considered sensitive to a person, so it's better to respect their view and never talk something that they do not wish to listen or to be asked.

in simple words, just treat others the way how we want to be treated. it helps by asking ourselves whether or not we want to be friends with ourselves. if we find that we have flaws here and there which other people might not like, there is always room for improvement. definitely no one is perfect, that is why i need to remind myself too.

let's be a better person for a better tomorrow! =)


  1. nice post babe!
    im actually impressed dat u can maintain positive post, n good manners in any kind of situations.

    i feel like im losing all the manners n sensitivity this year round..ur 1 year my junior but look up ah kat ko!hehe..

  2. haha! u remind me~ thanks for making me feel young! yeeha~ of course u havent lost ur manners or sensitivity. ur just bz with work n plus, it's our final year. nothing really weird about it though =)

    p/s: u really think this is a positive post? haha! my junior doesn't think so... LOL

  3. obviously this post is positive .. sometimes we need others to remind us on how rude ppl are these days. lupe mnde2 kecik such as tny kabar,ckp tq,sori etc..

  4. hahah! seriously people can be too blunt at times... i thought it's general knowledge but i must be mistaken since only a few yang amalkan those things these days.. very sad though...