Monday, 17 January 2011



well, that has been my status on ym since my 1st day i entered the lab. since i keep forgetting to sign out from my email or to change the status whenever i am NOT at lab, people always get the idea that i spend my whole 24hours at lab. okay people, that is soOo not true. i have life too you know!

however, to tell the truth, i seriously don't mind spending most of my time at my lab. well, besides getting to save the electric bills etc (yeah, i am a cheapskate! ;P) i find it's relaxing just to be there. it's like the perfect hideout for me whenever i feel like getting away for awhile from a stressful moment. well, not that i have something to get stressed about, but i just love doing my work from my desktop at the table, with the additional aroma of coffee my seniors love to make, and listening to the chit chatting voices of my labmates which most of the conversations are funny.

working with them is an experience i have never felt before as they are truly helpful lot especially my senior who has been cracking his head most of the time for me. like i have told my brother, 95% of my success story actually comes from my senior, and the remaining 5% is probably my own hard work. (is there really any??)

yeah, i'm such a spoiled junior. i know.... T.T

realising that i only have a few more months to spend with my labmates, i actually feel rather sad. i don't know how i will act on my last day at school later. i know quite well that it would be hard for me to meet them again once i have gone back to Malaysia for good. not only that, i guess this would probably be the last chance for me to have fun and feel at ease with japanese people.

so, what about.....working in a japanese company?

hurmmmmmm.... i don't think i can classify that as FUN. at least not a single Malaysian has survived long enough with a broad smile working with them. hoho... i don't know how my future will turn out to be. i REALLY have no idea~~ for now, all i have to focus is to finish up my thesis and, looking for a university to continue my masters.

and for now, let me enjoy my few last days @LAB! =)

me, so not doing my work at my beloved lab =P


  1. aku pon skg duk kat lab lame2 nk save toyu+electric kat umah..hihih..

    padahal ken9 jikan x ckup nk sotsugyou..padan muke ak..huhhuhu..

  2. yey, ada gk orang sama ngan aku... tapi aku pelik betul, punya lama aku dah duk kat lab pun, bil electric still mahal... hahaha!

    yosh, soro2 nk abis! all da best to us! =)

  3. fuyyo ko pandai ke maen drum tuh hahaha..well, sugoi~

  4. hahah!! kalau x hebat pun, kene hebat2 berlakon la.. sugoi2! ;P