Tuesday, 8 February 2011

presents!!! i love you!!!

i have met someone who hates presents.

ok, that's a lie.

i have never met anyone who hates presents.

ok, now, that's a fact.

i just received a lovely present from my beloved juniors a few days ago, that i feel so excited to blog about it. it's hard to buy presents for people, but it doesn't seem that difficult for my beloved friends to find one for me.

the keyword in getting a present for someone is actually:

being observant.

yeah, just be aware of the person's life, and you'll definitely know what to get them.

but oh well, you see, actually i'm not choosy. you can just get anything for me. you don't have to wait for my birthday to give me presents. it's ok~~ anytime will do. seriously!

so~~~~ in that case..... i'll be waiting~~~ =D

anyway, here's another vlog on presents! =)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

of holidays, final year project and chinese new year wish! =)

please be patient with my stupid video here. i did this on tuesday. and please pardon my malayish english and grammar mistakes. hahha!

a bit late though, but yeah... better late than never! happy chinese new year people!! =)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

what now? vlogging maybe? =P

no more zemi for this year!!!! yey yey yey!!!! who cares how i presented just now. who cares how the 5 of us got a long lecture by our lecturer because we started the zemi 1 minute and a half late. yeah yeah, who cares right! what we care is that we are just a few days away from freedom.

i think i might suggest my labmates to put a countdown chart on the door. so that they are aware of how many days left for them to be nice to a lovely malay girl in the lab. hurm..... seriously i might as well do that. (things to bring to bring to lab the day after tomorrow: kalendar ngan paku tekan. huh? what happen to tomorrow? of course ponteng! =P)

anyway, it's great to see the sun is finally shining brightly again.
also the stars and moon shine brighter at night.

well, i guess they shine equally as bright, it's only me who didn't really realise it. blame all the work and stress. afiqah the nature lover wasn't aware of the surrounding these past few weeks.

tsk... so sad...

3 nature lovers gazing at the sky

anyway, enough babbling. i need to find something worthwhile doing. other than eating.

okay, since people nowadays like to....

VLOG=video blog...

i might try that out. should i?? hahahah!!lets see if i have the talent to do so.. LOL

now, time to find the camera :D