Thursday, 3 February 2011

of holidays, final year project and chinese new year wish! =)

please be patient with my stupid video here. i did this on tuesday. and please pardon my malayish english and grammar mistakes. hahha!

a bit late though, but yeah... better late than never! happy chinese new year people!! =)


  1. haha so cute!! and i miss that pretty room! -_- and the comfy bed..sighh.

    ure doing great :) keep it up <3

  2. ko mcm kena kejar ngan buaya ckp laju2 haha
    kinco ke kak?=P hehe tp aku suka sgtttttt! serius.

    nk video byk2 lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! haha

    mcm kelakar sbb dah lama x dga suara ko merepek2dan ckp byk hihihi

  3. atil: hahaha! the room misses u too la. lately not many friends come n sleepover anymore. huhu..

    nway, thank lalink~~ this video really2 merepek la =P muahx <3

    ckyn: wahahhah!! aku mmg slalu cakap laju kot. lawak2! cakap nihonggo je cam siput.. :D
    tq2!! bab merepek mmg senang coz senang nklari track aku nih =P
    (yey, maksudnye ada orang rindu suara aku... LOL)

  4. wuuuu so cute!
    debut shichae zo afiqahaisyah!
    hahaa kau mmg xkn run outa idea bile bckp kan..

    korea ittekite eat toppoki 4 me k!!
    owhh sungguh comei..tgelak2 aku tgk :DD

  5. debut? no thank youuuu la! aku penyegan orang nye sebenarynye... LOL
    ko gelak cam tgk badut ke neyhh... takmo rampas title mala... :D nway, thanks laling! t aku makan toppogi byk2, amik gmbr tag ko eh :P

  6. hey babe, it's been a while since I hear u voice. :) missed them but, i think u should laugh out loud (they way you always have hehe) and record them because i seriously miss that one even more. :)

    -the twin-

  7. I enjoyed that show sooooo much...!!! Funny betul. Buat banyak banyak lagi sebab Iqa memang talented dalam hal begini.. Love u so much!

  8. aishah!!! my twin!!!!! i think i miss ur voice even more la! feels like ages since the last time we met... >.< adoi, if i record my gelak, people will definitely run away as quickly as possible, terkejut with my high pitch laughter... :D

    heheh... thanks ayah!!! talented ke... i tend to get out of track everytime... nway, if ive got the time i'll put up some more. love u so much too!! muah muah! =))

  9. omg.. you do vlogging too .. :D

  10. ugh, dont mention it. it's more like filling in the free time.. haha :D