Tuesday, 8 February 2011

presents!!! i love you!!!

i have met someone who hates presents.

ok, that's a lie.

i have never met anyone who hates presents.

ok, now, that's a fact.

i just received a lovely present from my beloved juniors a few days ago, that i feel so excited to blog about it. it's hard to buy presents for people, but it doesn't seem that difficult for my beloved friends to find one for me.

the keyword in getting a present for someone is actually:

being observant.

yeah, just be aware of the person's life, and you'll definitely know what to get them.

but oh well, you see, actually i'm not choosy. you can just get anything for me. you don't have to wait for my birthday to give me presents. it's ok~~ anytime will do. seriously!

so~~~~ in that case..... i'll be waiting~~~ =D

anyway, here's another vlog on presents! =)


  1. Comelnye bilik!

  2. i do love presents too..! eh2! ade ke org xsker presents, ek? if ada, rugi betul lah dia! kan3..? ;P

  3. hahahaaa~dkt 9minit!!
    camne ko leh glamer ni..wat laa vlog byk2 lg tau.

    woowwee dpt ipod shuffle..tak sempat nak teman ko beli dah ada org bagi hadiah~

    plus..as usual tidy room!

    night dear<3

  4. booya~~ thanks!! tuh la, u shouldve come here when im around la.. aish~~ hahha...

    kak ros:betul3! sape2 tak ske hadiah boleh la bagi2 hadiah dia kat org cam kite... hehe ^^

    mimi: yunk~~ i tried hard to talk sket2 je. end up merapik byk btul >.< gomen naa too long... hahahha
    tuh la, really2 grateful for the ipod. nnt kita share our fav songs k bila meet up! =) love ya!

  5. afiqahhhhh! u r freaking cute!!!!!

    congrats sbb dh berjaye menghabeskan final year dgn jayanye

  6. miza!!! thank you!!!!!!! =)))

    nway, i cant wait to finish this off!! nk balik dah... wee~ im so excited!! thanks again miza!! ^^

  7. hahhahaa peqeqecah!
    1st 15secs...ckp lj smp x smpt bernfs!hahaaaa lawak gle ;pppp

    fiqah=accessories! sng je..obvious kot! bestnye dpt ipod n stuffs~~ ure loved! ^.^
    i pon love u..aku rs nk beli tedibear lak n benda2 cute to make ths room feel like home..mcm urs! :D

    ps- aku dga 'the show!
    next vlog tanoshimi

  8. hahaha! itu kire laju ke? sore wa mada2 da yo! =P

    thanks to u n apek 4 that teddy goat! rasa best sket coz hotondo patung2 lain dah bawa blk msia... hehe... buy buy buy! they make ur room feel like home, n make u feel younger ;)
    yep, ada pasang our song: the show! thanks yunk 4 da surprise present the other day!! macam a reply to this vlog plak!! love yaaa!! =)
    4 the time being vlogs need to be put on halt as the BIG presentation is just around the corner!