Thursday, 17 March 2011

Gambare Nippon!

it has been quite awhile since i last updated my blog. my initial plan was to write on my final year presentation, my holidays and my future plans after i get my scroll. only happy stories crossed my mind at that time.

but everything changed the moment Japan was struck by the most powerful earthquake which was followed by the disastrous tsunami. and now, everyone is worried about the radioactive leaks in Fukushima. it happens too fast, that it seems all like a dream. more like a scary nightmare actually.

though i am in Kobe and still too far away from the affected areas, i can still feel the pain for those who are involved in this catastrophe. the day it happened, all the channels had nothing else on air except news updating on the current situation. up till today, it has been the headline on the television and also in the papers.

however, i am really amazed by the Japanese attitude towards this problem. we always see how people normally just cry over their loss and wait for brighter days to come. but it is a different story here whereby everyone is really positive and very efficient in handling problems. they seem really calm though we know how much they suffer and want to cry because of this nightmare. but they do not give up, stand tall and keep on doing their best to make everything better for everyone.

a lot of touching and heart moving stories i have read on the net. try clicking here and you will definitely know what i mean. on the television, no more advertisement on shampoos, biscuits etc2, but messages on people relationship are shown to remind everyone in Japan. one of best the quotes from the commercial is:


no one can see our 'heart', but 'concern' can be seen. 'thought' can't be seen, but everyone can see 'thoughtfulness'.

everyone is doing everything that is possible to support and to help one another. the Japanese government is doing their best for everyone in Japan. while everyone else in the world only sees the disastrous side of Japan, i am glad i can see the beauty and the warm side of the Japanese people. they are strong people and always accept whatever happen to them. they don't know the meaning of surrender. just like a Japanese old man who was saved 42 hours after the tsunami said with a smile, "let's rebuild".

with strong will and determination like this, i believe they can make it through, insyaAllah. i hope everyone can learn something from the Japanese people. everytime we feel like something is not on our side, quit complaining, find our way to do our best and pray hard to achieve the best result. for us Muslims, after giving our best, leave it to Allah. InsyaAllah, with God's will, we will get what we want.

I really hope that everyone in the world no matter what religion we are, please put our heart together and pray for Japan. pray for their safety and hope that everything gets back to normal. I just love Japan more and more everytime i watch their spirit and determination that it makes it even harder for me to leave this country for good. but no matter where I am later, I will never forget what this country has done to me. Thank you Japan for the knowledge, the experience, the never ending lovely days I always lead day by day here. You all will always be in my prayers.

I love you Nihon! Gambare Nippon!

lastly, here's a song InsyaAllah by MaherZain. such a calm song and it makes me feel more relaxed everytime listening to the lyrics. =)


  1. Iqa, I 'feel' how you feel about Japan and its people and their dogged determination to carry on with life. I too can't help but admire their built-in nature and instead focus on the community, and what is to be done now, rather than what was. I too can feel why you want to be with them now and not abandon them during these trying hours....I will join you in a few days time and 'feel' their strength....This is a beautiful blog.

  2. Assalamualaikum Fiqah, I think there's no such a problem for them to rebuilt again on what have been devastated. Lets help them in anyway possible. Hope you are in good health.

  3. ayah, thanks for understanding my deep feeling for them. i have been watching the news everyday and i am really moved by their way of thinking. i really really am hoping for the best for them and wish that they can rebuild tohoku just like they have rebuilt kobe. i love you so much ayah. i can't wait for monday to come.

    ammar, first of all, congrats on ur wedding! :) i am too, very positive that they can rebuild again as they are strong people. thank you for the support and comment. i am in good health, thank you. you take care too ok ammar! :)