Sunday, 8 May 2011

i have my parents by my side

i am the luckiest person on earth...

i am THE luckiest person on earth...

i AM the luckiest person on earth....

i definitely AM the LUCKIEST person on earth!!

oh what the heck. i love saying it so many many many times in different intonation and different ways. as i do believe that! =))

i have 2 main reasons for saying that.

one, i have the greatest father in the whole world.
number two, i have the greatest mother in the whole world.

everyone is celebrating mothers day, but my family has a double celebration today. as well as it is Mother's Day, it is also my father's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =))

to my ever coolest ayah, you definitely are my dad, my teacher, my entertainer, my best friend and always always, my hero.

to my ever charming mummy, you are of course, my mother, my sunshine, my doctor, my shopping partner, and always always my role model.

the both of you are my life. my soul. my EVERYTHING!!! you mean the world to me...

i love you sooOo soOo much! only God knows how much i love the both of you. i can't imagine living without you. please, never ever abandon your child here, as i am still and always be a kid when i am next to you. ALWAYS!

so, here goes my wish to the both of u:


may Allah bless you with eternal happiness, health, love and everything good that can ever be received.

again and again....




  1. When it is poorly said the message fails to reach out but if 'too loud' it sounds unreal. I guess a simple message is still the best way to express oneself, as the words flow directly from the heart. Suffice if I merely utter: I love you from the day Mummy brought you into this world and fear not that it will lessen by age and time. Ayah

  2. that is so sweet~~~ uhuk3... i really don't know how to make long essay to express my feelings, but i hope this will do. i am blessed since the day i see the world. as you both are always there by my side. thank you ayah and mummy for all the love and care you have shown to me. your daughter loves you endlessly =)

  3. we're doin' great when we're facin' any obstacles/problems in life as long as they (beloved parents) are wif us kan? happy mummy's day to ur mummy & besday to ur ayah..! ;)

  4. yep, couldnt agree more! as long as we have their support, we'll be fine. we'll do great! thanksss kak roz!!!!! =))