Thursday, 5 May 2011

where can i find such place?

i wish to have a secret hideout to let out any disturbed feelings.
any negative feelings that can't be shared with anyone else.

i feel like going on top of a hill and just scream out loud.
where no one can hear. where no one can get hurt.

but i am still here. on a chair. in front of my laptop.

and nothing changes. nothing ever can change if no action is taken.

i am still here. keeping my mouth shut. but no desire to let it out.


  1. relax2.. & take a deep breath.. slowly let it go.. dekatkan diri dengan allah.. insyaallah.. all will be well..

  2. hehe.. tq kak roz! i will remember that.. nway, skrg ok je.. alhamdulillah! ^_~