Wednesday, 1 June 2011

say no to self pity

always be strong. always show your positive side. show to others how pleasant and happy life is. sharing good things with people is better than telling the sad stories of yours. of course there is nothing wrong in saying how we truly feel, how high our hope is for our life to get better. but isn't there a lot of other good things happen in our everyday life instead of just SORROW and AGONY?

telling people how sad we are is acceptable once in a while. but again and again whining about how life treats you bad doesn't change anything. at first people might pity you, but if you overdo it, people might get bored and might even think that there is DEFINITELY something wrong with you.

anyway, keep splashing good vibes around you. smile more. live life to the fullest and be appreciative in everything that we have. remember, no matter how difficult our life is, there are still people who are dying and struggling to even breathe some fresh air.

so, lets us all delete these few words:

sick, pain, die, heartache, loser, trouble, bad news, sadness etc2...

say UGHhhhh to these words!!!