Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Journey to the west.

My last post was in June?? 3 freaking months ago? Haish! How can that be possible? For 5 months of holiday I still can't bring myself to scribble something. Yeah, I am totally annoyed with myself now. T.T

Anyway, everyone seems so attached with facebook and twitter nowadays that I am grateful I can know more about my family and friends better no matter what the real distance among us is. From the looks of it, my friends are or have been busy preparing for their wedding or engagement days. Congrats from me to you dearies!! I am so happy for all of you~

Sadly I am busy for something else. Busy preparing myself to leave the country! Huwaa~~ (bunyi macam kena buang negara lah pulak)

Exactly in 3 days I am leaving on the jet plane to be taken away from my beloved Malaysia. No more east, I am now heading west. InsyaAllah to London for my postgraduate course. Please pray for me that everything is safe and smooth sailing for me.

And most important of all, I pray to Allah to keep my faith to You and to strengthen my Iman. O Allah please guide me to the right path and protect me from any harm. Only to you I seek for help and guidance. Amin!

Bye bye long happy holiday~ Gonna miss this laid back relaxing life. Gonna miss you dear Malaysia, and most definitely, the the heavenly food. ;D