Thursday, 20 October 2011

that's just awkward~~

Awkward moment or embarrassing moment. You name it. I don't know why when sometimes we have a normal happy chit chat, suddenly the ending part can be a real turn off. From one excited feeling to... booOm! An awkward one.

A lot of things have happened in London but I haven't updated anything yet. Well, not just yet. Too many things to handle especially this weekend. Because of this heavy load, suddenly I have the feeling to just write, yeah, to unwind a bit.

Back to the topic about awkward moment. I am not really good at handling these particular situation. It's like, I get dumbstruck and hope that the moment will just pass by. Let me tell you some situations when I wish my talking partner didn't mention or say those things.

Situation 1:
- There were 3 of us in the kitchen. Talking happily with each other in rather a friendly mode. Asking questions that we thought were relevant, looking at each other preparing our own dinner, until one of the girls left us to skype with her sister. And there was the small sweet looking girl left in the kitchen with me. I was already having my meal in the kitchen (tried to be friendly by eating in the kitchen just to meet my flatmates) while the girl was putting some food in her rice cooker. I started telling her how I was so lazy to start cooking properly. Since I still have the instant food, I should just eat them before they go bad. She was collecting her stuff to bring them back in her room. And before leaving she said to reply to my story, "Oh, yeah! That's why. I was thinking, what ARE you eating?!"


How could she say that!! I was eating something decent okay! Breads with chicken curry!! (Yep, instant chicken curry. Don't stare at me! I can cook curry okayh! It's just that I still don't have a knife to cook...) Anyway, I felt so stupid that I didn't know what to answer. I easily just laughed and looked at her opening and shutting the kitchen door.


Situation 2:
- I was in the Muslim prayer room. Prayed Zohor prayer and rested there to wait for my next class. There was another Malay girl sitting next to me. Feeling so glad to have met another Malay, we talked and talked so much. She's such a sweet girl and seems so friendly. Had so much fun talking that I didn't realise it was almost time to go to class. I knew I had to make my move and said to her, "Okay, I have to go now. Nice meeting you. Will see around yeah! ;) " I zipped up my bag and started to make my move. On the spot she replied and said: "Yeah, See you. And you better buy a new bag sis!"


WHAT??? (For your information, there IS some err MINOR defect to the zipper of my bag. But it is STILL in a good condition. Yeah2, trying to justify myself) Well anyway, shouldn't we have a proper goodbye? SOBSS!! Luckily I like that girl that I didn't really feel like strangling her. Fuh! So I just gave her a light laugh and we exchanged salam.

Well, those are 2 embarrassing situations (for me) at the end of a conversation. Here's another one which top the list. It happened at the early conversation.

Situation 3:
- It was a 20 minutes break for our lecture. A few minutes before class started, one girl who is taking the same module with me entered. I was talking with my friend who was sitting behind me. The girl sat a few seats away from my friend and I can't remember clearly how but suddenly the girl was talking to me. She asked me where I come from. I told her 'Malaysia' and I asked her back. She said, '**********' (censor for safety purposes)' I might have given her a stupid look or something, that she started to explain where her country is. Roughly I got the idea and nodded saying,'Oh! Okay!' And guess what she replied?



HELLO! It's our first encounter! Can't you say something nicer? (And we didn't get to ask each other's name. Thank god our lecturer came back to start the class) Huu~~ But I guess it's alright. Maybe people when they get older, they tend to say everything what they think right from their mind.

*Should I turn into one as well?*

Thursday, 13 October 2011

I want!!!!

i want to be happy 24/7.

i want to have a lot of money and spend them on the things i love.

i want my best friends to always be there.

i want my family to stay with me all the time.

i want my parents to stay with me in london for the whole year.

i want things to go my way!!!

SHOUT to my ears NOW and tell me that it's not going to happen. Hurm~~ Okay, so i asked for the impossible. SIGH!

Err, ok.. One more time. Last one.

I just want to be a good student and live a good life in London and get good results! That's all I'm asking for at the moment.

Does that sound possible enough? ;)