Thursday, 13 October 2011

I want!!!!

i want to be happy 24/7.

i want to have a lot of money and spend them on the things i love.

i want my best friends to always be there.

i want my family to stay with me all the time.

i want my parents to stay with me in london for the whole year.

i want things to go my way!!!

SHOUT to my ears NOW and tell me that it's not going to happen. Hurm~~ Okay, so i asked for the impossible. SIGH!

Err, ok.. One more time. Last one.

I just want to be a good student and live a good life in London and get good results! That's all I'm asking for at the moment.

Does that sound possible enough? ;)


  1. possible2.. gambare afiqah! xyah gambare pun excell~~~ hav fun in london..nt gtau ape beza blaja kt nihon n london k. tanoshimi !
    ps- kumerinduimuuuu pekek

  2. Hye pekachii~~~ saya merinduimu jugaaak!!! that goes without saying.. ;p
    Anyway, thank you so0o much for believing in me!! As always!! InsyaAllah, i'll tell u the difference once I have finished the course ok? :)