Monday, 14 November 2011

a tale of a girl

once upon a time, a little girl who was brought up by a pair of loving parents has been told to love everyone. she has been taught to see the world as a whole, be kind and treat people nicely. her parents and family members make her lead a very happy life thinking that everyone in the world is equally as nice.

when she was in her primary school she was so happy because what her parents told her was true. everyone was innocent and seemed so sweet. when she went to secondary school, she saw the life was becoming a bit rough. but she was still a very happy person. still a lot of nice people can be found.

but her doubt about life increases as she gets older. she feels that it is weird that how can people be less sensible and less sensitive when they get older. she thought people will get more mature and she was expecting more love will be spread around. sadly she only sees weird situations where people who are not bothered with other people's feeling are just increasing.

people without common sense. people who do not keep their promises. people who do just as they like. people who bail on someone. and. so. much. more.

this girl doesn't like it anymore so she just wrote it in her blog.



  1. i'm agreed with what everything that you wrote here. my mom also taught me that we should love people around you but as time flew people are changing and they are really become more selfish and feel careless towards other's feeling. But my mom always said that no matter how much people hate you, you should just smile to them and pray for their peace and happiness.

    do not feel sad my dear kak afiqah, there are still people around you who still care and love you (^^)

  2. Growing up is not easy. It is unfortunate that you have to go through all the bad patches to make you realise that not every thing in life is fine. And that all the nice things said by everyone, inclusive of your parents' supportive remarks may sometime go awry. But you should not judge the other nice people by the standard of those people who disappointed you. I would not want to teach you the wrong things...just be positive and take everything with a pinch of salt.

  3. hello darl,not so nice people are always around to test our patience. nowadays, there are so many people who are so self centered that make us speechless that we feel so sad for them. not for us, for them for being the way they are. take this as your chance to not be like them. at least you know that there are people who will always remind you to not be nasty, bail on other people and not keep your promises.
    love you darl despite you not being here with us.

    your sis

  4. Izzat!!! Yep, i understand why we can't fight fire with fire. But I dont know, sometimes we should actually express our real feelings so that people wont take advantage of our kindness.. but yeah, we shouldn't be like them. Thanks for reminding me that there are still people who spread love! Hehe :)

    Ayah, I feel much much better after talking with u on the phone this morning! Mummy gave some good advices too. It made my day~~ Love u all to pieces! I just have to be tougher and try to be positive. People like this should be a lesson for me, ie NEVER to be like them. :D

    Hi darl~~~ I miss you!! Haha! U are so right about being speechless when meeting these self centered kind of people. They can act all nice face to face, but actually deep deep down they are just thinking of themselves. Blegh!! InsyaAllah, I'll just be the person who wont do such things to others. :)

    Love all of u so much!!! ^___^

  5. tu la.. fitrah manusia sangat menakutkan... lagi2 part tak tepati janji.. saya memang ta suka... T.T

  6. It is only the heart, that one can see rightly, what is essential,is invisible to the eye. Men have forgotten this too. But you must not forget it.

  7. Somehow i feel like ive heard that somewhere before.. Anyway, i'll keep that in mind. Thanks Boss! :P