Friday, 30 December 2011

Tata 2011~

Heyya~ It's almost 2012! Whoa! I am still reluctant to let this year pass. I have had so much fun and so many life turning experiences this year. This is also the year where I have met new amazing friends and I have been shifting from East to West. ^.^

Since I'm in a mood to reminisce, let me list the happenings from January up till December. 
(WARNING: It might bore you to tears!)

  • Abang Afiq and Syairah visited Japan (SoOo happy!!!)
  • Ayah received an email from Abang Nash (Alhamdulillah!! Can't say it enough)
  • Abang Nash and Kak Nora decided to come to Malaysia for Abang Afiq's wedding (Jumping with joy)
  • Submitted my thesis (YEYYYY!!!)
  • Final year presentation went well!(Alhamdulillah!!! Soo relieved!!)
  • Got a digital photo frame from my batchmates since I was the only one to leave ES1 :')
  • Japan was hit by the biggest earthquake + tsunami (heartbreaking T_T )
  • 2nd visit to Korea. This time with Zzaaa (Burp)
  • Received bad news about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear... (everyone back home was super worried and wanted me to go back earlier than planned. But, I refused)
  • Ayah and mummy came for my Graduation Day! (Yeehaaa~)
  • Went back to Malaysia with my parents. (*SOBS* Sayounara Nippon T_T)
  • Holiday!!!! (Cuti-cuti Malaysia~~~)
  • Applied for practical
  • Applied for Postgrad course in the UK
  • Recieved unconditional offer from Sheffield, Warwick, Queen Mary University (OVERJOYED!!)
  • Received offer from Manchester University for Nanoelectronics...
  • Started taking my driving class... (Yeah yeah, verrryy late, I know ;p)
  • Ayah's elevation for federal court (Alhamdulillah!!)
  • Started my practical at Istana Budaya!!!! :D
  • Received unconditional offer from King's College London (decided to choose KCL over QMUL)
  • Abang Nash and Kak Nora arrived in KL!! 
  • Preparing for Abang Afiq's wedding (Yey!! New dress!! Hehe)
  • Applied for student visa for the UK and it was accepted within 2 working days. (Alhamdulillah!!!)
  • Abang Afiq got married to Kak Mass and everything went well, Alhamdulillah! (Welcome to the family Kak Mass!!!)
  • Practical students at IB organised  a musical show and I was the only one from Technical Department. (Got the experience to connect the microphones myself.. Hehe)
  • Abang Nash and Kak Nora went back to Holland after a month in Malaysia :'((
  •  Had my driving test on the 2nd day of Ramadan. Fasting, but Alhamdulillah, I got through well!!! Passed with flying colours~~ (YEY!!! I've got my driving license!!!!!)
  • Last day at IB, it was the buka puasa event, so I got to help a bit. And I got a little something from them too. (I'm so going to miss the IB crew and technical staff :') )
  • Got the BIG news about Kak Aini's pregnancy while baking some cookies with my family. (So happy that we cried :') Syukur Alhamdulillah! )
  • I got to fast the whole month! Weheww~ Lucky me!! :D
  • For the first time after so many years, we got to celebrate our Eid together as a family. A bigger family now. :)
  • Came to London. (mixed feeling.. sad, yet thrilled to start a new life :) )
  • 1st Term started and I had made a lot of new great international friends.. 
  • Ayah, Mummy, Abang Nash and Kak Nora came to London. Had a marvelous time, sightseeing together. :)
  • First time experiencing daylight saving on the day the that clocks go back 1 hour. Weheww~ (Got extra 1 hout to sleep... Hahaha)
  •  Got another awesome news, telling that Kak Mass is pregnant too!!! (YEYY~ I'll be a double auntie, InsyaAllah!!! )
  • Went for Nottingham Games. 
  • Had a weird birthday where some friends ditched me. Hahahhaha! Okay, maybe the mobile line was bad... Or birthdays in Kobe were always awesome. Well, we can't get everything, can we ;p (But still thanks to those who wished, gave me presents and Ainaa and friends who made a tupperware of tiramisu for me! :))
  • My 1st term ended.... Winter holiday started (Phew~)
  • Went to Holland to visit my dearest Abang Nash and Kak Nora!! (Grrrreeeatt holiday!)
  • Nadz came down to London. Met some of her friends. (First time on the London Eye, and my first time of Boxing Day! :D)

Well, to sum it up, as far as I can remember, 95% are happy moments. Or maybe even more than 95%. I do hope this coming year of 2012 will be equally as AWESOME or even far better year for me. And all of you!

Happy new year everybody!! :)

p/s: i'm sorry. suddenly the post looks kinda personal. hehe.. can't help it :P

waiting for the clock to strike 12~ :P


  1. Perusing your life through 2011 I can't but be thankful that your memories have been positively unforgetable. Unbelievably I even contributed to some incidents of your one year episode! Let's put it this way: not everyone in this globe had such a great year. It was partially sad for me as I saw you leave for London and I had to brace myself for at least a year without your effervescence. May you have a great 2012!

  2. Hi Ayah.. It's not a shocking fact that you contribute to most of my incidents. I miss being at home for more than 5 months after so many years leaving Malaysia. Now I have to face 2012 and hope that it will be just as wonderful as 2011 though I am once again far away ie 12 hours away from you and the rest of the family. I miss you!!! Muah2!! :))