Sunday, 16 December 2012

Switch them off will you?

If anyone could ever go against technology, I might be the first one to start the campaign.

I have had once written in my old blog many years ago about the increasing technology and how I despise the transition so much. I certainly do not deny how the recent technology has helped the people in leading a better and easier life. So true, people are now more well organised and well connected through the globalisation. Distance is just numbers and any sort of information is merely just at our finger tips. Or rather just a click away, to be exact. Woo~ How convenient. 

So what's the problem now? Why in the world should I be so annoyed with modernisation?

Hi-tech gadgets can come in handy at times. But they can also be the reason for some sort of disturbance. To be precise, the disturbance of the real quality time of families, friends and social. 

Up till now I get so irritated when people prefer playing with phones, ipads, cameras, games and any of such during an outing. I know that I do that too, at times. Out of habit I suppose, and I am so sorry for myself for turning into an anti social. But I guess I'm lucky that my phone isn't a real 'smart' phone like others usually have nowadays. It does somehow limit myself from touching my phone too often. :P

From what I can see, people do that because they feel more secure, more popular and more cool to be seen with their phones. Their phones are more of a friend compared to the person sitting right next to them. Well, maybe. That's the vibe that I get when people do that. 

Time is something that we can never get back. Neither can we rewind nor buy our lost time. They are gone. Gone forever. People get busier, the days pass so quickly and yet, the only time we can get together has suddenly been replaced by a meeting with full of gadgets. Phones in everyone's palms, eyes watching the screen, and fingers busy meddling the keypads or touch-screens of those 'interferences'. No more proper communications. No more real eye-to-eye conversations. No pure satisfaction achieved from the outings anymore. 

No one is perfect, I know. It's just that sometimes we don't realise how our doings affect other people. So please everyone, we can change this attitude. Try paying more attention to the people around us. Try putting our electronic devices down when we are hanging out with family/friends. Try turning down the volume of the TV or better still, switching off the TV when people are around. Try focusing on the object / subject in front of us rather than focusing them on our camera lenses. What we capture with the cameras can never be compared to the real life we capture with our own two eyes.

 Perhaps we can put our phones in the middle of the table to avoid any disturbance. :D
(make sure no thieves are in sight though)

Just a friendly advice. Even a reminder to myself. :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

December aprroaching

November is coming to an end. How sad.

Each year I always wait for this particular month to come. It means a lot to me to get warm wishes on my birthday. From what I have observed roughly, about the same number of people have wished me this year as compared to last year. I expected people to just skip the day without bothering to acknowledge the importance of this day to someone (particular me), but I was surprised to see that there are still people who care and are very kind to drop a few comments on my timeline at facebook. How sweet.. :')

This year has been a bit different. After more than 5 years not celebrating my birthday in Malaysia I finally got to sit down and had a proper dinner or a 'small celebration' with my family members. Such a pleasant feeling it was. I have dreamt a lot of times to have this kind of celebrations. It finally came true!

I had very great memories of my birthday back in Kobe, SMSS and even at UM. Surprises from friends, juniors and seniors always make me smile gleefully from the beginning of the day to the end of the week, to say the least. In London it was just okay, but it wasn't too bad. My brother and sister-in-law from Holland sent me a big box of present last year that it shut all the miserable feelings I had at that particular moment.

Birthday is just a day. It doesn't make you taller overnight nor it makes you wiser the next morning, but it tells you somehow that it is a special day which will always be close to your heart. That is why each time I receive messages from people especially the ones whom I wait to hear from, really cheers me up. The messages have magical effects that will lighten some burden on your shoulders and make you feel all warm inside.

I blabber too much. I know. But it doesn't matter. December is approaching anyway.

Either way, it's good to be back home. It's good to eat Malaysian food and get all the things I have been craving for after all this while. And better still, it feels good to feel the love from a short distance. :)

December. You are welcome now!
Love, from Malaysia :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

London or Kobe?

One year has passed and now I am back in my own country. The same weather, same traffic, same language and the same smell since I left, have indirectly told me that I am indeed back in my beloved country, Malaysia. As far as I have seen, nothing much has really changed. (Only the shopping malls I assume. They are now wider and have more stores! Hurm~shopping temptations~ :P)

I would be lying if I say that I don't miss London. I actually miss the city terribly. Not the weather of course, but the transportation, the culture, and the way of living. Obviously London is a developed city and known to be the hot spot for tourists. It is a fact that more languages are spoken here than any other cities. 

For the past year, I have been experiencing a lot of things with a lot of new friends whom I treasure their presence so much. I don't think I have ever come across any single day without any exciting things to do. No need to wait for the weekends, weekdays can also be just as fun. Exciting events, mind-blowing theaters and even new restaurants to try out have made my life full of joy and colours.

  Malaysia Night 2011 at Trafalgar Square.

Night walk at Tower Bridge with the gang after home-cooked dinner.

Day out to distress after dissertation completion.

Evening show with Mala: Shrek the Musical at Covent Garden.

 Picnic at Regent's Park. It was quite cold though :P

Having our favourite dessert: the awesome Belgian Choc Waffle.. yumsss

 Watching theater Les Miserables at Leicester Square.

Coursemates dinner at Melur restaurant.
Everytime I encounter new people who got to know that I did my degree in Japan, without fail they will ask me if I prefer England or Japan. The question has also never failed to make me stop and think for awhile. You know, it is actually a very difficult question to answer because I know for sure that I love both countries very much. I really can't choose. I don't think I can ever make my choice.

All I could say is that I think London is easier to live in. Many Muslims and Malaysians living in this city makes me feel so much like home. It is also very easy to find halal and Asian food that I hardly had any cravings for Malaysian food while I was there. Communicating wasn't a hard thing because English is widely spoken in Malaysia, though I have to say, I didn't come back with British accent. Pardon me! Hehe... The transportation system in London is the best thing I have known. I can live independently in this country due to its systematic transportation. I love the underground trains and buses. So convenient and very easy to use. We even have the student oyster card. Being a student in London has a lot perks. 10 to 20 % discount in most stores. Just flash your student card and you will get the discount. Wet and dry markets, antique and second hand stuff markets, open air theaters, free entrance parks, beautiful gardens, all these things just add the spice to my life in this city. 

In simple words, I just love London. :)

 The rare snow fall in London. Playing with the snow at Hyde Park.

Entered the netball competition for London Easter Games.

Final day of our lecture. Chilling at Somerset House.

 Taking a break from the dissertation.

 Some of the flowers of the class.

Some of the guys of the class.
Bricklane Market lunch out.

Credits to the photographers. A lot of them are taken from my tagged photos at facebook :)

On the other hand, I can never forget Kobe. I called it home for four years where I took baby steps to learn new culture and new language there. Different from Kobe, London wasn't as foreign to me because I have visited this city a few times before pursuing my studies there. Kobe however has made me see a different side of the world. Like my dad has once said, the country is homogeneous. Only a few foreigners can be seen. All the rest are just pure Japanese. Japan is doubtlessly very clean, very systematic, has very well-mannered citizens, and very high tech. I love Japan because of the modesty of the people. The way the Japanese always put every single effort into something makes me feel that the sky is the limit. I love to see just how considerate and polite the people are. These things make it so difficult for me to see Japan suffered due to the big tsunami attack and nuclear effect when I was about to leave the country for good last year. It tore my heart apart.

Suddenly I miss my labmates, senseis and Kobeians. I miss Kobe :'(


Frankly, it is just hard to choose between London and Kobe. Between England and Japan. They have equal strengths and weaknesses. It's like people ask you to choose between nasi lemak or roti tampal. I can't decide!! I love both of them!!! (eh?)

Well, all I could say is, thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to see both sides of the world and gaining experience of which I have never thought of getting. Also, thank you Allah for the degree and masters awards that I have achieved. Alhamdulillah. I am content.

p/s: Dear future, please be good to me! ;)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

salam merdeka!

Salam merdeka to my beloved country!

And as for me? 3 more weeks before my own 'merdeka' day.

A little bit more before my 'London experience' ends. And a little bit more before the real world greets me hello.

Hope Malaysia is celebrating the Independence Day moderately without having everything being politicised by any party. I love you Malaysia! :))

Wanted to write more but i'm just too sleepy... *yawn* Being greeted by the typical British weather this morning makes me miss the sun in Malaysia. Luckily the full moon is here to make me feel better.. Good night!

Salam 1 Malaysia!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

What is so great about London?

I love great cities with lots of attractions, and London has always been on the top of my list since I was literally a baby (okay, that's a lie). Apart from being my dream city to further my studies, London has always been the place I want to spend my time at. And I am just so lucky to have the opportunity to finally realize it this year.

So, what is so great about London? What is there in London that people just LOVE to be here?

Ada apa dengan London?

Personally I love this country for some sentimental value. During my first trip out of Malaysia many many years ago, London was the first country, the first foreign country I ever stepped on. To me, it has some pleasant smell and great childhood memories which I can't erase from my mind. Having my dad and sister who have once done their degree here, made me even more determined to come here and gain some experience to live in London myself.

People might have already known of the notorious BRITISH WEATHER ie the unpredictable and ever so gloomy weather. But I really wonder, why do people still love London? Well, for a girl who loves sunny and bright days so much, the weather in London doesn't really keep me from loving this country. Summer hasn't exactly been like a proper summer except for a few days ago with the sun shining fiercely like there's no tomorrow, but more often than not, it has been consistently around 18-21 degrees which makes it even easier for us Muslims to fast here (despite the loOng fasting hours). Alhamdulillah! :)

Since the first day I started living here as a student, London has treated me well and every day has been better from the days before. This city has met me with countless lovely moments which can only be experienced here. Call it coincidence or just luck, but I have met more well known people and long lost friends here, than I have ever had in other countries. That's THE greatest pleasure of all that makes me feel London is special in some sort of way.

People come to London for various reasons. For instance, a lot of people will come here for a proper holiday (or even a mere transit for that matter), students who come to further their studies in the UK, and obviously without I even have to mention, in current days, for SPORTS! All of these factors have contributed in letting me to meet many interesting characters which I never have thought of meeting even in Malaysia.

A picture can worth a thousand words, so let the pictures tell you the bits and pieces of my interesting moments in this great city of London. :)

Starting off by meeting a very very good friend of mine from primary school, Justin Yip. I think the last time I met him was in year 1999. Moving out from Malacca was indeed very sad. Never thought I would meet this guy again, but yeah, we did. At Trafalgar Square, London. :)
It was so good to catch up with you again mate!

  My two ipar duais (my brother in law's sisters), Nadrah and Dina, from Leicester came to London last November for a very big event, The Twins of Faith at O2 Arena. It was soOo good to meet you girls again in London. I think the last time I met Dina was during my sister's akad nikah ceremony. Very very long time ago. Alhamdulillah, thanks to this event, we could meet up again.

 Hazwan Ariff, one of the top students in my batch during SMSS days and I think the last time I met him was during the mini convocation at SMSS 7 years ago. Thanks for bringing me around your university, Hazwan! (Oh, this is cheating, this is not London... It's Nottingham... :P)

 One of the Malaysian sweethearts especially after he acted in Tentang Dhia. Adi Putra is such a nice person, very down to earth and a family guy. He was so nice to all his fans and it was a great pleasure to meet him in person. :) Couldn't be more surprised when a few days after that, some people told they saw some pictures of me and friends with Adi Putra in the Malaysian newspaper.. Hahahah

 Wawa came from Germany!!! Sorry Wawa, I still haven't got the time to visit you there. Thanks for the lovely time, and it was soOo good to have a long chit chat with you about the good old days from secondary school especially when we were lying on your bed at Malaysia Hall. How I wish it could be longer! :D

Meeting Kak Afiqah (most right) in London with her friend Sarah (center)!!!! Also, the last time I met this lovely good looking lady was in Malacca, before I moved to Kelantan during standard 6. How time flies! You look so great now, no wonder you're a stewardess. ;)

 My 2 great bubbly kohai tachi (juniors) from Kobe University!! They were on their Euro trip and stopped by at London before going back to Kobe again. Our plan about meeting in London was finally materialized, eh? ;) Thank youuuu Izyan and Ashfa for letting me bunk over at you hotel!

Had the opportunity to cheer for my all time hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei for All England at the finals (again I'm cheating here... This is Birmingham, not London.. but oh well, still in England yeah? ;P). However, due to arm injury, he had to stop at the early part of the 2nd set giving way to his number one opponent Lin Dan to win the game. *sigh* But he was still our hero, he fought with all his might. I'm proud of you!! Some people might have seen me on air shouting like crazy to cheer for Malaysia that time. Hehe.. Good times... :P

 Again, meeting Dina in London, this time at Malaysia Hall having dinner with her friends from Leicester. :)

  Okay, another 'Malaysia Hall moment'. I finally met Empa here in London! He also studies at Germany with Wawa, and I never thought I could get along with him. I think we rarely even talked during secondary school, did we? Hahah! Yeah, we are more mature now. Thanks for joining me and Ainaa to meet my sempai! (picture shown below!)

 There!!!! My very great sempai from Kobe University who was among the first to create conversations with me at my favourite lab. Nakaya-san (the one most right), I was soO glad to meet you in London although it was just for a few hours! Hope to see you again one day! :)

And these pics were taken during the London Easter Games. I met these 2 'Peja's from Manchester. Faizal and Hafizah. Both are from SMSS. Last time I met this girl was in 2004 I think. She's a junior from school and it's sweet of her to still remember me. And Peja the guy, I last met him at Japan. Hahaha! Never in Malaysia. Congrats Peja (Faizal) for being a doctor!

 Okay, guess who he is? Hahaha! None other than Mr Fahrin Ahmad himself. He just finished his shooting with Fasha Sanda at Paris for 'Seindah Sakura' and he came down to London to play rugby for the Easter Games. Another down to earth guy who really knows how to speak and act natural in front of cameras. Great times! Thanks for being just another guy next door type when you were in London! 
(perlu ke gambar dia dua? hhahahahahhahaha)

And here, Dr Nur Yasmin Marzuki. Had 3 solid full days with her after she finished her studies. Sooo good to have the girl talk with you. Sleep wasn't as interesting when you were around. Can't wait to meet you again in Malaysia once I am back for good. :)

Tadaa~ Another small reunion with the SMSS04 girls! Wani and Ida came for Nadz's graduation day and they stopped by at London before and after going to Ireland. Lovely days with you girls! Wish we could do more things together though. ;p

Another sempai from Japan, Kak Juita!! She came all the way from Waseda Daigaku, Tokyo for her conference at Cambridge University. Had a lovely touristy time with you sis!! And I just love how we couldn't stop talking. Miss chit chatting with you and hope to see you again in Malaysia soon!!! 

Auntie Eti and Uncle Akmal came to London. They just came back from Paris and Rome and we went around Stratford to get a FEEL of the Olympics. I was so happy to meet you and thank youuuu for everything auntie and uncle! 
Do come again in the near future! :)


 Last but not least~~~ The Olympic fever!!!! Met some of the Malaysian athletes before the Olympics!! Lee Chong Wei couldn't come because of his intensive training and was dehydrated due to the hot weather that day. But at least I've seen him during All England 2012. Hope to get the opportunity to cheer all of you for the most prestigious game soon!! All the best people, Malaysia Boleh!!

That's basically some bits and pieces of my encounter with great, interesting people here in London. Also I just got a message from my auntie this morning saying she saw me in Mingguan for Salam Perantau. Ohhhhh~~~ Sooo mencapub!!!  Okay, need to ciao now. I know I know.. The LONGEST POST SO FAR right?? I end with the Hari Raya mencapub wish! ;)

Selamat berpuasa to all and may this Ramadan bring countless barakah to us. Do not stop asking Allah for forgiveness as He is Most Forgiving Most Merciful. Lets all take this opportunity and try to be a better person. Love everyone to pieces. :))

Thursday, 12 July 2012

So soon

'I have bought my tickets back to Brazil on the 19th of September,' said a good friend of mine.
'Back, you mean, for good?' I asked for confirmation. And he nodded.

It hit me that instance. People are actually leaving sooner than I thought.

I was also told on that same day that my Italian friend has gone back to Italy. My sweet Singaporean friend is leaving by the end of this month. Another close friend of mine is going back in September to get married in November. When I start to recount the number of close friends in London, it might get down to zero by the end of October. If I am lucky, maybe 3 or 4 will stay till January.

It tore my heart when I left Japan last year. But you know what people say, the saddest people were the ones that were left behind. Well, you have some rough ideas on how I am going to be in the near future after finishing my dissertation. It might be..... difficult. *cries*

Could I be given more time to spend with these people? 

Till the day I'll be left alone, I hope time crawls...
And thereafter, I sure hope time will fly again...

*melancholic feeling*

this may not be related to what maher zain wants to convey though ;p

Saturday, 30 June 2012


times when you feel you are such a loser...

situation 1:

friend 1: hi afiqah! what are you up to tomorrow? (saturday)
me: oh, i'm planning to go to the library to do some work... (feel like smacking my head)

situation 2:

friend 2: why aren't you joining us today? it's such a lovely day. the sun is out!
me: oh, i'm home doing my laundry.
friend 2: oh, okay. enjoy your laundry!
me: yeah, the warm clothes. i will! (look at the sun and feel sad to be in the room)

situation 3:

friend 3: let me know if you wanna go out this evening. i can accompany you because you are bored today.
me: (because i'm bored today... sigh... my friend pities me)

YAWNN~!!! suddenly i feel like i have no life. *sigh* i need more trips out of london. :(

 i miss Cote D'Azur

Sunday, 17 June 2012

You are one in a million

A few years back:

Me: We are now in German!!
Ayah: German??? GERMANY!!
Me: Oh, I was talking in Malay. Kita sekarang berada di Jerman! (>.<)

Me: One of my friend...
Ayah: One of my FRIENDS!!!
Me: One of my friends told me that we bla bla blaa... (continue telling the story with a straight face)

Me: If I was her...
Ayah: If I WERE her...
Me: Oh... 

Me : Well, someone have to do it...
Ayah: ONE, is singular! Someone HAS to do it..
Me: Okay, yeah, someone HAS to do it!


Well, those are just some of the conversations we have had back then. You can just see how particular my dad is with grammar and English vocabulary. He can get really irritated if people have lousy grammar and use the wrong words. 

My family is used to this actually. We will laugh so hard if any one of us has made any grammar mistakes. That's just how we train each other. Might look harsh, but it is effective. Well, even up to this day my dad is my English teacher. My family's walking dictionary. He will do anything to make sure I am confident and feel comfortable to speak in English. He once said I speak Malay like a pipe that continues running without stop. And he wants me to be able to do that with English too. Phew~

Oh well, thanks to him I am now In London and I have no choice but to speak English EVERYDAY. Still so many things to learn but yeah, I sure hope I can have an excellent command of English as he does.

You are wrong if you think he is only my English teacher. He is also my badminton coach, my ping pong trainer, my motivator, my body guard, my hero,my talking partner, my eating partner and always always, my dad!!

You will always be my dad like how I will always be your little baby girl, Ayah!

My dad's quote that I love soOo much,
'I will never change you for the world!'

To ayah, neither will I. You are one in a million and I love you sOoo much!!! Happy Father's Day and your little baby girl misses you!! MuahXxx!!! :))

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The world doesn't revolve around you.

The world doesn’t always revolve around you, you know?

That’s what my dad has told my siblings quite a few times. I agree with it, though it’s sad to know you are not the center of the universe (>.<)  Well, you MAY be, but only to a certain number of people. Even to those people, you can’t always be the highlight all the time, right? 

To see people who love to be adored, kinda remind me of myself a few years back. Of course I was just like other people, i.e love to be known, to be popular and to have a lot of connections in the world. (never once I was popular though).

However, as I grow older and maturity takes over, I realised that there is more to life than just getting people’s attention. I just hate how some people can act all childish and ‘cheap’ just to attract or seek attention. Especially in getting the attention of the other gender. I keep telling myself that these people are just trying new things in life and trying hard to fit in the society. But somehow I think there  should be some limit to it. Sometimes it just gets on my nerves. They can actually think straight, cant they? But they just have to act all spoilt and refuse to learn. 

Of course I still enjoy making friends as much as I enjoy keeping them. Can’t promise that the quality of friendship will last like how it started though. (Have a few experiences where best friends turn into some strangers. Don’t even let me start on that.. Phew). But having friends that care for you and to get people’s attention are two different things. Having people care for you has some sincerity in it. And to get people’s attention might have some ‘force’ in it.

 A friendship that comes quite naturally I think. Thanks guys for always being there for each other. :)

Just go with the flow and never force a friendship or a relationship. Something that comes naturally is always better and more fun. Make yourself interesting and let people see it themselves. It doesn’t work by telling people how interesting you are but what people can see is just some pushy character. Never try too hard to win people’s heart. 

After all, the world doesn’t just revolve around YOU.

Monday, 21 May 2012

It's never too late...

I have watched this many times actually. But no matter how, it still touches my heart.. :')

Thanks Ustaz Don for the lovely reminder..

Ya Allah, Kau terimalah semua amal ibadat ku di dunia ini. Ya Allah, jadikanlah keluargaku tergolong daripada golongan yang soleh dan solehah. Matikanlah kami dalam iman. Amin...


Sunday, 13 May 2012

my sweetheart's day!

when i fell sick, you were the one who was most worried. checking my temperature and changing wet towels on my forehead every hour. insisting me to eat or you just wouldn't be able to sleep.

when i was a kid,  you never failed to give the family vitamin c and some other supplements each and every day. even now when i am far away from home you will still ask me if i take the medicine everyday. :')

when i was little and was too lazy to wake up for sahur in Ramadan, you would keep on coming to my room checking if i was sure about not eating. as always you were worried and had to come again bringing me a cup of milo. you made me drink so that i would have the energy to fast all day long.

every time i come back home for holidays, you are the one who takes care of me, making sure i have enough stuff to bring back to where ever i'll be. Even if the car is full of my stuff you don't mind, as long as i get all my stuff, you would be happy.

even now i am no more twenty you will always support me. each and every examination or even small tests, you never fail in wishing me, in praying for me.

i miss being fed by you. amazing, how ever simple the food is, when you feed me with your hand the food taste a thousand times better. :)

i miss you mummy. you are the best mummy on earth. you are the most patient parent anyone could ever have. you deal with your family with love and that's why we love you.

here goes, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MUMMY!! Iqa sayang mummy!!  ^___^

i love you sooooo much!! muah muah muah!!! :))

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I've been had :(

Spam emails never really bothered me that much because by just looking at the name of the sender and the subject, we can almost instantly know those kind of emails are just spam mails. Emails received by unknowns, or even from your friends whom you never really talked to can be really fishy.

Especially when there are no subjects attached or maybe, when the subjects are just too eye catching. 

And then, when you open it, you might see a link. They might have some cheesy liners such as.
'wow, this is incredible! check it out.' or 'how to lose your weight in a week.' or 'join this and you can win 1 million dollars.'

BLEGH!!!!! As if there are things that easy in the world. I think I was trained by my sister well enough that I am always paranoid with these kind of things. NEVER TO TRUST STRANGERS. So, I have never actually fallen into these traps.

However, I was so pissed when I checked my email yesterday and I realised that my account must have been hacked. I realised 'something' or 'somebody' has been using my account to send stupid emails with stupid links to my contact list. AGH!!! I was so mad when I saw it. I really have no idea how that could have happened. >:(

And it's funny when I got 'replies' (for something I particularly didn't send) by some of my family members. Telling me that I shouldn't believe in these things. When I read the emails, I was like...

WHAT? What ever are you saying? I have no idea what you are talking about. 
--> Since I didn't know the content of the spam mails they received! *sigh*

Anyway, I can't blame people who are close and dear to me to believe that those emails were really from me as we still do email each other sometimes. :) And I thought that is just so cute! Thank you for the concern! But don't tell me you actually thought I believed in things like that! Hahaha~

The moral of the story, do not click any links that look kind of fishy. They might be virus!!

Alright, time to study for my exams now! Muahsss to all!

                                                  picture is random but doesn't contain virus! :D

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

chat box deleted

Such a relief!!

FINALLY i have decided to delete the chat box at the side of my blog.Too many spammers promoting unwanted links. If any of you wants to talk to me, just leave some comments below my posts. :)

Have a good day!

Kensington gardens, some time back... :)

Monday, 30 April 2012

soft spot towards a certain someone :)

Seriously it has been nothing else besides wedding pictures of my friends flooding my facebook news feed.Beautiful moments of beautiful couples getting captured make me smile everytime watching them. Now, what i have also seen coming up like mushrooms are the pictures of babies! Loads and loads of them! If those are not the pictures of their own children, it might be their nieces or nephews' pictures.

Frankly, i have never paid that much attention  to babies. No soft spot towards them. I guess that's because i never had a younger brother or sister. Being the youngest in the family, and being called 'baby girl' by my dad makes me feel forever like a baby. I was clueless when handling with kids.

But something changed my stance on that. Suddenly i have some special feelings towards a certain baby. A cute, adorable baby named 'Armaan bin Muhammad Lutfi.' He is my first ever anak buah. My sister, Kak Aini, gave birth to this child of hers and Abang Lutfi on the 10th of April 2012, just one day after Abang Lutfi's birthday. I guess that must be the best birthday present ever for you right, Abang Lutfi? ;p

Anyway, welcome to the world Armaan! Auntie Iqa loves you so much!! Congrats Kak Aini and Abang Lutfi. The house is now messier, noisier, but in a positive way of course. The house has never been livelier with the presence of Armaan.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. I love my family so much and most of all, I love Allah. Thank you Allah for giving us  countless rezeki. Since the day I was born, you have given me and my family the life that is the best for us. What else can we wish for. Alhamdulillah.. :')

tomorrow Armaan is 21 days old. Hope the Aqiqah goes well. Amin!! :))