Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Road to happiness.

I was totally moved by the story line. I could feel the pain, the sadness, the determination and every other emotions that the writer tries to convey to her readers. It was such a gripping story that I couldn't fake my feelings. It was just five minutes ago I finished reading this book and it was also five minutes ago that my eyes were uncharacteristically being a bit watery. Weird...

Every time I hold on to a good book, it is difficult for me to put it down. It is almost impossible for me to even realise what is happening around me when my mind is brought to this 'other world'. My sleeping time even went haywire these past couple of days due to my eagerness to finish up the story. That's just me. My bad habit everytime I have a good book in my hands. I will continue reading until my eye lids get really heavy. Until the words become unreadable and make no sense anymore. Only then I will surrender, stretch my hand on the switch and reluctantly turn off the lights. And just within seconds I will be in dream land.

Well, of course this book which I read is just a fiction, but the message that Jojo Moyes, the writer, wants to convey is so clear(as far as I can see). 'Me Before You' is actually a simple story about 2 people with different angles of life. A disabled guy who has been spending his life on a wheelchair after a terrible accident really wants to die as he can't accept his new fate, and a young girl who doesn't explore the meaning of life that much, works for this guy after she lost her old job.The story  starts with the girl being determined to  convince this guy to keep on living as there are much more to life than just complaining how bad things are. However, it turns out that somehow this guy has changed this girl's life by encouraging her to try more things out there and be fearless.

Okay, enough with the details. Until you read the book yourself you will understand what I mean.
The only part which I don't like in this book is about suicide. It is not our job to take our own lives. Leave that to Allah. He is the almighty and He knows what's best for us. Allah never burdens a soul more than it can bear. Well, I just hope I will never come across with someone who wants to kill him or herself. Nauzibillah... Even if I do, I hope I can somehow persuade these people to live and show them the real path.

It somehow makes me think, to what extend has my life made an impact on anyone? Have I directly or indirectly encouraged someone unknowingly in leading a better life? Once I am gone from this world, what kind of things will I be remembered of? *scary thoughts* I just hope I haven't given any bad influence on other people though. It is my secret wish (not a secret anymore) that everyone knows what the real meaning of life is. And also to appreciate the life more. 

Happiness can't be measured by the money and asset you have. Some people have the money, but they are not happy. Being blessed doesn't mean you are showered by wealth and fame. To me, being blessed is to be contented with the little things we have in life. To be satisfied that we are able to still breathe and see the beauty of God's creation. Even to be able to wake up in the morning and continue living is a great thing that we have to be grateful of. Being grateful is just the way to happiness.  

Remember, once we set our intentions straight that everything we do is for Allah, everything will be made easy for us. InsyaAllah. 

 From the smallest to the biggest thing, Allah makes it perfectly. Well balanced. MasyaAllah! :)

Alamak, dah termelalut pulak... Camni la bila baca buku macam2.. Isk... Goodnight! :D


  1. Hahahaha sungguh berjiwa anda ini..berseni habis. nanti bak sini aku nak baca buku tu

  2. oh well, what can i say kan~ :D nak buku nih? haha! lambat la lagi nak tunggu aku pass kat ko... ;p

  3. Sad to say, I am more interested in how you have turned out to be, rather than the closing pages of the book you finished reading a few days ago. The sense of responsibility has now taken seed in you and that is a good thing. Every bit of contribution, be it to your siblings, friends or to anyone on this earth is better than nothing at all. What matters is doing something good.....if not all the time at least some time.

  4. hehe. kalu bace novel memang gitu, mesti main dengan perasaan!

  5. tau takpe! tu lah kekuatan novel, tak payah tgk tv, baca buku pun macam dah dapat imagine sesuatu keadaan dengan jelas. :)

  6. hi darl, i see a lot of people who try committing suicide at work. some succeeded, some failed. some regretted doing it, some wanted to do it again. it is disappointing to see these people who are so misled and so fearless of the consequences of the after life. but as another human being, all we could do is just look at them and pray that they will see the light some day..

  7. hi darl, i suppose when u mentioned about those who regretted doing it, are the ones who failed committing suicide right? hahah... anyway, i hope seeing these people trying to commit suicide won't disturb u mentally. yeah, what else can we do besides praying that they will see the light. ;) and for people like us, just enjoy life as it is and appreciate every little thing that has made us 'here' :)

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    1. Alaaa now you've read my synopsis x thrill laa... make sure u x nangis teresak2 on nanti.. hehehehe