Monday, 30 April 2012

soft spot towards a certain someone :)

Seriously it has been nothing else besides wedding pictures of my friends flooding my facebook news feed.Beautiful moments of beautiful couples getting captured make me smile everytime watching them. Now, what i have also seen coming up like mushrooms are the pictures of babies! Loads and loads of them! If those are not the pictures of their own children, it might be their nieces or nephews' pictures.

Frankly, i have never paid that much attention  to babies. No soft spot towards them. I guess that's because i never had a younger brother or sister. Being the youngest in the family, and being called 'baby girl' by my dad makes me feel forever like a baby. I was clueless when handling with kids.

But something changed my stance on that. Suddenly i have some special feelings towards a certain baby. A cute, adorable baby named 'Armaan bin Muhammad Lutfi.' He is my first ever anak buah. My sister, Kak Aini, gave birth to this child of hers and Abang Lutfi on the 10th of April 2012, just one day after Abang Lutfi's birthday. I guess that must be the best birthday present ever for you right, Abang Lutfi? ;p

Anyway, welcome to the world Armaan! Auntie Iqa loves you so much!! Congrats Kak Aini and Abang Lutfi. The house is now messier, noisier, but in a positive way of course. The house has never been livelier with the presence of Armaan.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. I love my family so much and most of all, I love Allah. Thank you Allah for giving us  countless rezeki. Since the day I was born, you have given me and my family the life that is the best for us. What else can we wish for. Alhamdulillah.. :')

tomorrow Armaan is 21 days old. Hope the Aqiqah goes well. Amin!! :))


  1. hi darl.. thanks for the lovely post. im sure armaan loves u too and hopefully u guys can spend more time together. =) the aqiqah went well, alhamdulillah. armaan is now nearly bald. huhu no more hair. but still looking cute as ever. take care n love u loads

  2. hi darl!!! my pleasure! it's such a nice feeling to have a baby in the house to play with and even to hear his scream. ive been watching the videos ive taken so many times. hahaha! i miss everyone at home! glad to hear the aqiqah went well yesterday. im sure he's still cute as he is even without his thick hair.. muah2!!! love u soOo much!!

  3. There is so much truth in what you wrote that unless there is some DNA connection to a baby, the feeling is sometimes quite neutral. Now I understand how it feels to be a grandfather!!! We all love Armaan like crazy!

  4. Yes we do!!! He's the new entertainment at home. The TV can now be turned off. Hahahah!