Wednesday, 9 May 2012

chat box deleted

Such a relief!!

FINALLY i have decided to delete the chat box at the side of my blog.Too many spammers promoting unwanted links. If any of you wants to talk to me, just leave some comments below my posts. :)

Have a good day!

Kensington gardens, some time back... :)


  1. can i leave a comment with cats picture ?

  2. well..... i guess u can... as long as it's not some kind of virus...hahahha! and oh, with a condition, only cute ones are allowed! :D

  3. don't you think its already too late for you to be concern regarding those pics ? :P

    im not Catist .. i treat all cats equally ..

    anyway .. hows your exam ?

    my FYP is really taking a toll on me... i just hope that i pass .. -_-

  4. catist?? hahaha! funny...:P
    well, since u put it that way, don't u think it's a bit too late for u too ask for permission to put links here? LOL!
    nway, i'll be having my 2nd paper tomorrow. only finishing my exams by the end of the month.. :)
    don't worry too much about your FYP. u have given ur best, it's time to tawakkal ;) insyaAllah it will be okay.