Thursday, 10 May 2012

I've been had :(

Spam emails never really bothered me that much because by just looking at the name of the sender and the subject, we can almost instantly know those kind of emails are just spam mails. Emails received by unknowns, or even from your friends whom you never really talked to can be really fishy.

Especially when there are no subjects attached or maybe, when the subjects are just too eye catching. 

And then, when you open it, you might see a link. They might have some cheesy liners such as.
'wow, this is incredible! check it out.' or 'how to lose your weight in a week.' or 'join this and you can win 1 million dollars.'

BLEGH!!!!! As if there are things that easy in the world. I think I was trained by my sister well enough that I am always paranoid with these kind of things. NEVER TO TRUST STRANGERS. So, I have never actually fallen into these traps.

However, I was so pissed when I checked my email yesterday and I realised that my account must have been hacked. I realised 'something' or 'somebody' has been using my account to send stupid emails with stupid links to my contact list. AGH!!! I was so mad when I saw it. I really have no idea how that could have happened. >:(

And it's funny when I got 'replies' (for something I particularly didn't send) by some of my family members. Telling me that I shouldn't believe in these things. When I read the emails, I was like...

WHAT? What ever are you saying? I have no idea what you are talking about. 
--> Since I didn't know the content of the spam mails they received! *sigh*

Anyway, I can't blame people who are close and dear to me to believe that those emails were really from me as we still do email each other sometimes. :) And I thought that is just so cute! Thank you for the concern! But don't tell me you actually thought I believed in things like that! Hahaha~

The moral of the story, do not click any links that look kind of fishy. They might be virus!!

Alright, time to study for my exams now! Muahsss to all!

                                                  picture is random but doesn't contain virus! :D


  1. AAh finally u are introduced to the real world. Be cool girl! By the way this blog is not a hacked blog is it? Oops that's not funny!

  2. aah aku dpt 2 emails frm ko hrni.. link, xde subject. opened the email tp x click link laa.. dun wori i knew it wasnt u! ;D

  3. hahaha! how funny.. but i'm really sorry that you had to click the link ayah. i hope it doesnt do any harm to your account though. ;p

    pekah, yappari soudatta ka.. :( I dont know just how many spam mails 'aku' dah hantar.. *sobs* but I love how u just trust me! muahsSss!! you're the best! ;D

  4. in my line of work, this is very normal . a simple koala picture from windows XP can even be carrying a malware + keylogger.
    you'll be surprised how its able to infect your machine .. anyway, just keep a regular update on windows, antivirus, and practice safe browsing. never open any attachment you never requested without scanning it first .. change password regularly (i didnt) especially if you suspect any irregularities , few email providers even provided you with the location/ip address of the last login so you can check whether it is you. my favourite email protection is ...

    ok .. good luck on your exam ..

  5. oh ya .. i still suggest everyone who clicked your link to do a virus scanning and windows update. we can never be sure . :)

  6. hurmm~~~ there goes another one.. hahaha! but well, u r the expert right.. ;p

  7. oh, your earlier comment was automatically marked under spam. haha! luckily i checked it.. thanks for the tips! i'll try doing that in the future. and thanks for the exam wish! ;)

  8. i thought you did it on purpose :(

    lol ...

  9. who, me? haha! no way im that cruel... i dont discriminate comments from viewers! :p

    1. thats what Kim Jong Un said .. :P

      hey .. hows your final exam ? if i remember correctly, you told me it will finish by the end of this month .. :)
      Ive just presented my FYP part1 recently. just some minor correction alhamdulillah.. My final exam will start on second week of June..
      how are you doing there ?

  10. yeah, it's finally over. i just hope i pass everything though. some papers were ok, some were just so difficult. but now, it's the weekend to relax a bit. i'll be starting with my FYP next week. hope it goes well as i only have about 3 months to settle everything.
    how are you urself doing? im fine here. it's good to hear ur part 1 went well. im sure ur final exam will be just as great. all the best to u!!! :))

  11. 3 months to settle ? no worry .. you'll do fine .. Im doing fine here .. still at the office with my work.. Thanks for the wish .. miss you Iqa ... sorry for kept you waiting for 4 years + .. hahaha

    1. Glad u finally replied! Or else i would be left hanging.. hahaha! Love you sayang