Sunday, 13 May 2012

my sweetheart's day!

when i fell sick, you were the one who was most worried. checking my temperature and changing wet towels on my forehead every hour. insisting me to eat or you just wouldn't be able to sleep.

when i was a kid,  you never failed to give the family vitamin c and some other supplements each and every day. even now when i am far away from home you will still ask me if i take the medicine everyday. :')

when i was little and was too lazy to wake up for sahur in Ramadan, you would keep on coming to my room checking if i was sure about not eating. as always you were worried and had to come again bringing me a cup of milo. you made me drink so that i would have the energy to fast all day long.

every time i come back home for holidays, you are the one who takes care of me, making sure i have enough stuff to bring back to where ever i'll be. Even if the car is full of my stuff you don't mind, as long as i get all my stuff, you would be happy.

even now i am no more twenty you will always support me. each and every examination or even small tests, you never fail in wishing me, in praying for me.

i miss being fed by you. amazing, how ever simple the food is, when you feed me with your hand the food taste a thousand times better. :)

i miss you mummy. you are the best mummy on earth. you are the most patient parent anyone could ever have. you deal with your family with love and that's why we love you.

here goes, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MUMMY!! Iqa sayang mummy!!  ^___^

i love you sooooo much!! muah muah muah!!! :))


  1. oh sayang you really make my day!thank you for the kind don't know how much you, kak aini and abang mean to me.once you become a mother like kak aini you will tell you the truth the 3 of you have made my life meaningful and happy to have such beautiful and kind hearted children.alhamdullillah.....

  2. alhamdulillah... i love u more and more everyday. i hope kak aini will be a great mother like you are. thank you mami for everything and being there for your children every time. i love u sooo much!! :')

  3. I could'nt have said it better Iqa. You have said everything of her concern and kindness towards you and the other siblings of yours but you failed to write down HER KINDNESS TO ME! I will summarise it by saying that Mami never failed her duty as a great wifet to me. That only Allah swt can repay!

  4. Hahahaha!! I wanted to write on that! But that might be on wives day... (ada ke? hahaha) Anyway, you are true about that. Mami ibu mithali~ :P Lap u ayahanda! :D

  5. ok .. im going to call my mom for the third time today ..