Saturday, 30 June 2012


times when you feel you are such a loser...

situation 1:

friend 1: hi afiqah! what are you up to tomorrow? (saturday)
me: oh, i'm planning to go to the library to do some work... (feel like smacking my head)

situation 2:

friend 2: why aren't you joining us today? it's such a lovely day. the sun is out!
me: oh, i'm home doing my laundry.
friend 2: oh, okay. enjoy your laundry!
me: yeah, the warm clothes. i will! (look at the sun and feel sad to be in the room)

situation 3:

friend 3: let me know if you wanna go out this evening. i can accompany you because you are bored today.
me: (because i'm bored today... sigh... my friend pities me)

YAWNN~!!! suddenly i feel like i have no life. *sigh* i need more trips out of london. :(

 i miss Cote D'Azur

Sunday, 17 June 2012

You are one in a million

A few years back:

Me: We are now in German!!
Ayah: German??? GERMANY!!
Me: Oh, I was talking in Malay. Kita sekarang berada di Jerman! (>.<)

Me: One of my friend...
Ayah: One of my FRIENDS!!!
Me: One of my friends told me that we bla bla blaa... (continue telling the story with a straight face)

Me: If I was her...
Ayah: If I WERE her...
Me: Oh... 

Me : Well, someone have to do it...
Ayah: ONE, is singular! Someone HAS to do it..
Me: Okay, yeah, someone HAS to do it!


Well, those are just some of the conversations we have had back then. You can just see how particular my dad is with grammar and English vocabulary. He can get really irritated if people have lousy grammar and use the wrong words. 

My family is used to this actually. We will laugh so hard if any one of us has made any grammar mistakes. That's just how we train each other. Might look harsh, but it is effective. Well, even up to this day my dad is my English teacher. My family's walking dictionary. He will do anything to make sure I am confident and feel comfortable to speak in English. He once said I speak Malay like a pipe that continues running without stop. And he wants me to be able to do that with English too. Phew~

Oh well, thanks to him I am now In London and I have no choice but to speak English EVERYDAY. Still so many things to learn but yeah, I sure hope I can have an excellent command of English as he does.

You are wrong if you think he is only my English teacher. He is also my badminton coach, my ping pong trainer, my motivator, my body guard, my hero,my talking partner, my eating partner and always always, my dad!!

You will always be my dad like how I will always be your little baby girl, Ayah!

My dad's quote that I love soOo much,
'I will never change you for the world!'

To ayah, neither will I. You are one in a million and I love you sOoo much!!! Happy Father's Day and your little baby girl misses you!! MuahXxx!!! :))

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The world doesn't revolve around you.

The world doesn’t always revolve around you, you know?

That’s what my dad has told my siblings quite a few times. I agree with it, though it’s sad to know you are not the center of the universe (>.<)  Well, you MAY be, but only to a certain number of people. Even to those people, you can’t always be the highlight all the time, right? 

To see people who love to be adored, kinda remind me of myself a few years back. Of course I was just like other people, i.e love to be known, to be popular and to have a lot of connections in the world. (never once I was popular though).

However, as I grow older and maturity takes over, I realised that there is more to life than just getting people’s attention. I just hate how some people can act all childish and ‘cheap’ just to attract or seek attention. Especially in getting the attention of the other gender. I keep telling myself that these people are just trying new things in life and trying hard to fit in the society. But somehow I think there  should be some limit to it. Sometimes it just gets on my nerves. They can actually think straight, cant they? But they just have to act all spoilt and refuse to learn. 

Of course I still enjoy making friends as much as I enjoy keeping them. Can’t promise that the quality of friendship will last like how it started though. (Have a few experiences where best friends turn into some strangers. Don’t even let me start on that.. Phew). But having friends that care for you and to get people’s attention are two different things. Having people care for you has some sincerity in it. And to get people’s attention might have some ‘force’ in it.

 A friendship that comes quite naturally I think. Thanks guys for always being there for each other. :)

Just go with the flow and never force a friendship or a relationship. Something that comes naturally is always better and more fun. Make yourself interesting and let people see it themselves. It doesn’t work by telling people how interesting you are but what people can see is just some pushy character. Never try too hard to win people’s heart. 

After all, the world doesn’t just revolve around YOU.