Saturday, 30 June 2012


times when you feel you are such a loser...

situation 1:

friend 1: hi afiqah! what are you up to tomorrow? (saturday)
me: oh, i'm planning to go to the library to do some work... (feel like smacking my head)

situation 2:

friend 2: why aren't you joining us today? it's such a lovely day. the sun is out!
me: oh, i'm home doing my laundry.
friend 2: oh, okay. enjoy your laundry!
me: yeah, the warm clothes. i will! (look at the sun and feel sad to be in the room)

situation 3:

friend 3: let me know if you wanna go out this evening. i can accompany you because you are bored today.
me: (because i'm bored today... sigh... my friend pities me)

YAWNN~!!! suddenly i feel like i have no life. *sigh* i need more trips out of london. :(

 i miss Cote D'Azur


  1. such a beautiful scenery..! bila la akak nk sampai sana jugak? hmm..

  2. Dont waste your time.. enjoy yourself..

  3. Kak Roz, insyaAllah one day, ada jugak rezeki akak untuk pegi :)

    Yep Mr Anonymous... I'll try to! ;p