Thursday, 12 July 2012

So soon

'I have bought my tickets back to Brazil on the 19th of September,' said a good friend of mine.
'Back, you mean, for good?' I asked for confirmation. And he nodded.

It hit me that instance. People are actually leaving sooner than I thought.

I was also told on that same day that my Italian friend has gone back to Italy. My sweet Singaporean friend is leaving by the end of this month. Another close friend of mine is going back in September to get married in November. When I start to recount the number of close friends in London, it might get down to zero by the end of October. If I am lucky, maybe 3 or 4 will stay till January.

It tore my heart when I left Japan last year. But you know what people say, the saddest people were the ones that were left behind. Well, you have some rough ideas on how I am going to be in the near future after finishing my dissertation. It might be..... difficult. *cries*

Could I be given more time to spend with these people? 

Till the day I'll be left alone, I hope time crawls...
And thereafter, I sure hope time will fly again...

*melancholic feeling*

this may not be related to what maher zain wants to convey though ;p


  1. Life is a cycle. You begin with a scream and end life with tears being shed; then your children continues what you have left behind, and the story goes in... you will say, I have seen this before. Somewhere in the middle you will witness the dramas and heartwrenching stories and it is fairly sure you will be involved in one if the mini series. But surely you would rather suffer the pangs of missing your friends rather than never to have known them and miss out all the lovely things you did together? Miss your friends but cherish the memories. The cycle will continue even if they have left. I can 'feel' the emotion that is going through you now.

  2. Don't worry sis. Insya allah i will be there in London starting this end of September. However, it is a normal thing in life, as what Malay people always say, setiap pertemuan ada disusuli dengan perpisahan. So don't feel sad about it. But the sad feeling means that all your friends are precious to you, right?

  3. Izzat u are so right!

  4. Aww~ thank you ayah and Izzat!! Thanks for the beautiful words... :')
    Ayah, I'll definitely cherish every second I spend with my friends here. And of course, I'm thankful to be given the chance to meet these great friends here... Now i can only hope for another great new cycle after my friends leave. :)

    And Izzat,am i glad that u'll be studying in London soon! Ada jugak orang yang rapat. :D True, only people that are precious to us will leave such effect on us. I'm sure u will meet a group of great friends here and another chapter of your new life will be just as great as your Kobe life. InsyaAllah... :)

  5. iqa, are u sure that is ayah..haha doesnt sound like him. anyway, whatever said and done, always look forward for greater things to happen in the future. i always believe life always gets better everyday. even if u have a rough day, it does not mean that that it is bad for u. hardship makes u stronger. stronger means better. take care darl, u can always come home if u feel lonely there.

  6. hi mok! u have a point there.. when i reread, it doesnt exactly seem like ayah's words. hahahahahahahhahahaha! okay, back to this story.. i know i can always count on my family when loneliness pays a visit. i am learning to be stronger. at least as strong as my big sister. :) u truly are one great model u know that darl? anyway, cant wait to be back home. love u always!

  7. Of course it's my comment! Those were 'teeny weeny grammer mistakes!' Harumph!!! Kak aini saja nak kutuk ayah! Nowadays ayah guna i- phone rather than the laptop hence those irrelevant mistakes. What's important is the content .....

  8. I also thought it was your father.
    hows fasting in Ramadan there ? how many hours did you do fasting?

  9. Hahaha! Ok ayah, I knew it was u. Only you can make that kind of sentences. Well yeah, teeny weeny grammar mistakes are permissible. We think highly of u, that's why even by having some small mistakes we thought it's not u.. Hahahaha! :D

    Hi again Mr Anon. Fasting here is cool... Just a bit long, but still bearable and interesting. Hope yous is just as good. Happy fasting! :)