Sunday, 29 July 2012

What is so great about London?

I love great cities with lots of attractions, and London has always been on the top of my list since I was literally a baby (okay, that's a lie). Apart from being my dream city to further my studies, London has always been the place I want to spend my time at. And I am just so lucky to have the opportunity to finally realize it this year.

So, what is so great about London? What is there in London that people just LOVE to be here?

Ada apa dengan London?

Personally I love this country for some sentimental value. During my first trip out of Malaysia many many years ago, London was the first country, the first foreign country I ever stepped on. To me, it has some pleasant smell and great childhood memories which I can't erase from my mind. Having my dad and sister who have once done their degree here, made me even more determined to come here and gain some experience to live in London myself.

People might have already known of the notorious BRITISH WEATHER ie the unpredictable and ever so gloomy weather. But I really wonder, why do people still love London? Well, for a girl who loves sunny and bright days so much, the weather in London doesn't really keep me from loving this country. Summer hasn't exactly been like a proper summer except for a few days ago with the sun shining fiercely like there's no tomorrow, but more often than not, it has been consistently around 18-21 degrees which makes it even easier for us Muslims to fast here (despite the loOng fasting hours). Alhamdulillah! :)

Since the first day I started living here as a student, London has treated me well and every day has been better from the days before. This city has met me with countless lovely moments which can only be experienced here. Call it coincidence or just luck, but I have met more well known people and long lost friends here, than I have ever had in other countries. That's THE greatest pleasure of all that makes me feel London is special in some sort of way.

People come to London for various reasons. For instance, a lot of people will come here for a proper holiday (or even a mere transit for that matter), students who come to further their studies in the UK, and obviously without I even have to mention, in current days, for SPORTS! All of these factors have contributed in letting me to meet many interesting characters which I never have thought of meeting even in Malaysia.

A picture can worth a thousand words, so let the pictures tell you the bits and pieces of my interesting moments in this great city of London. :)

Starting off by meeting a very very good friend of mine from primary school, Justin Yip. I think the last time I met him was in year 1999. Moving out from Malacca was indeed very sad. Never thought I would meet this guy again, but yeah, we did. At Trafalgar Square, London. :)
It was so good to catch up with you again mate!

  My two ipar duais (my brother in law's sisters), Nadrah and Dina, from Leicester came to London last November for a very big event, The Twins of Faith at O2 Arena. It was soOo good to meet you girls again in London. I think the last time I met Dina was during my sister's akad nikah ceremony. Very very long time ago. Alhamdulillah, thanks to this event, we could meet up again.

 Hazwan Ariff, one of the top students in my batch during SMSS days and I think the last time I met him was during the mini convocation at SMSS 7 years ago. Thanks for bringing me around your university, Hazwan! (Oh, this is cheating, this is not London... It's Nottingham... :P)

 One of the Malaysian sweethearts especially after he acted in Tentang Dhia. Adi Putra is such a nice person, very down to earth and a family guy. He was so nice to all his fans and it was a great pleasure to meet him in person. :) Couldn't be more surprised when a few days after that, some people told they saw some pictures of me and friends with Adi Putra in the Malaysian newspaper.. Hahahah

 Wawa came from Germany!!! Sorry Wawa, I still haven't got the time to visit you there. Thanks for the lovely time, and it was soOo good to have a long chit chat with you about the good old days from secondary school especially when we were lying on your bed at Malaysia Hall. How I wish it could be longer! :D

Meeting Kak Afiqah (most right) in London with her friend Sarah (center)!!!! Also, the last time I met this lovely good looking lady was in Malacca, before I moved to Kelantan during standard 6. How time flies! You look so great now, no wonder you're a stewardess. ;)

 My 2 great bubbly kohai tachi (juniors) from Kobe University!! They were on their Euro trip and stopped by at London before going back to Kobe again. Our plan about meeting in London was finally materialized, eh? ;) Thank youuuu Izyan and Ashfa for letting me bunk over at you hotel!

Had the opportunity to cheer for my all time hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei for All England at the finals (again I'm cheating here... This is Birmingham, not London.. but oh well, still in England yeah? ;P). However, due to arm injury, he had to stop at the early part of the 2nd set giving way to his number one opponent Lin Dan to win the game. *sigh* But he was still our hero, he fought with all his might. I'm proud of you!! Some people might have seen me on air shouting like crazy to cheer for Malaysia that time. Hehe.. Good times... :P

 Again, meeting Dina in London, this time at Malaysia Hall having dinner with her friends from Leicester. :)

  Okay, another 'Malaysia Hall moment'. I finally met Empa here in London! He also studies at Germany with Wawa, and I never thought I could get along with him. I think we rarely even talked during secondary school, did we? Hahah! Yeah, we are more mature now. Thanks for joining me and Ainaa to meet my sempai! (picture shown below!)

 There!!!! My very great sempai from Kobe University who was among the first to create conversations with me at my favourite lab. Nakaya-san (the one most right), I was soO glad to meet you in London although it was just for a few hours! Hope to see you again one day! :)

And these pics were taken during the London Easter Games. I met these 2 'Peja's from Manchester. Faizal and Hafizah. Both are from SMSS. Last time I met this girl was in 2004 I think. She's a junior from school and it's sweet of her to still remember me. And Peja the guy, I last met him at Japan. Hahaha! Never in Malaysia. Congrats Peja (Faizal) for being a doctor!

 Okay, guess who he is? Hahaha! None other than Mr Fahrin Ahmad himself. He just finished his shooting with Fasha Sanda at Paris for 'Seindah Sakura' and he came down to London to play rugby for the Easter Games. Another down to earth guy who really knows how to speak and act natural in front of cameras. Great times! Thanks for being just another guy next door type when you were in London! 
(perlu ke gambar dia dua? hhahahahahhahaha)

And here, Dr Nur Yasmin Marzuki. Had 3 solid full days with her after she finished her studies. Sooo good to have the girl talk with you. Sleep wasn't as interesting when you were around. Can't wait to meet you again in Malaysia once I am back for good. :)

Tadaa~ Another small reunion with the SMSS04 girls! Wani and Ida came for Nadz's graduation day and they stopped by at London before and after going to Ireland. Lovely days with you girls! Wish we could do more things together though. ;p

Another sempai from Japan, Kak Juita!! She came all the way from Waseda Daigaku, Tokyo for her conference at Cambridge University. Had a lovely touristy time with you sis!! And I just love how we couldn't stop talking. Miss chit chatting with you and hope to see you again in Malaysia soon!!! 

Auntie Eti and Uncle Akmal came to London. They just came back from Paris and Rome and we went around Stratford to get a FEEL of the Olympics. I was so happy to meet you and thank youuuu for everything auntie and uncle! 
Do come again in the near future! :)


 Last but not least~~~ The Olympic fever!!!! Met some of the Malaysian athletes before the Olympics!! Lee Chong Wei couldn't come because of his intensive training and was dehydrated due to the hot weather that day. But at least I've seen him during All England 2012. Hope to get the opportunity to cheer all of you for the most prestigious game soon!! All the best people, Malaysia Boleh!!

That's basically some bits and pieces of my encounter with great, interesting people here in London. Also I just got a message from my auntie this morning saying she saw me in Mingguan for Salam Perantau. Ohhhhh~~~ Sooo mencapub!!!  Okay, need to ciao now. I know I know.. The LONGEST POST SO FAR right?? I end with the Hari Raya mencapub wish! ;)

Selamat berpuasa to all and may this Ramadan bring countless barakah to us. Do not stop asking Allah for forgiveness as He is Most Forgiving Most Merciful. Lets all take this opportunity and try to be a better person. Love everyone to pieces. :))


  1. One thing, why do you call Afiqah "kak"?? She and Sarah are my batch! Hahaha so weird tapi yeah baru perasan youre a year younger *slaps forehead* Tapiii Im sure Jua tak panggil Fiqah "kak" hahaa lol.

    Ok so random hehehe. Looks like youre having a blast there :)

  2. I know!! Even when the 3 of us were around that time I felt weird, calling two people with same age, one with kak and another without. Hahahah! Just out of habit i suppose, and because I knew Kak Afiqah loOng time ago. I stopped calling the 87 babies 'kak' when I entered secondary school. Anyway thanks dear! I'm having a blast here, hope you are too! ^^

  3. You should work with NST ( not Saudi heheh). This is a fun and bubbly but informative write up and really enjoyed reading it. I felt flat when it ended. I wanted it to go on and on!!! I love this piece!

  4. maybe i should... at the entertainment section, and then i can go on and on more than what people need to know... heheh.. thank youuuu ayahanda~! love u sooo much!!! :D

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