Thursday, 30 August 2012

salam merdeka!

Salam merdeka to my beloved country!

And as for me? 3 more weeks before my own 'merdeka' day.

A little bit more before my 'London experience' ends. And a little bit more before the real world greets me hello.

Hope Malaysia is celebrating the Independence Day moderately without having everything being politicised by any party. I love you Malaysia! :))

Wanted to write more but i'm just too sleepy... *yawn* Being greeted by the typical British weather this morning makes me miss the sun in Malaysia. Luckily the full moon is here to make me feel better.. Good night!

Salam 1 Malaysia!


  1. why are you getting lazy updating you blog huh ?

  2. hahha! not that i don't want to.. but i have so much things to do now before going back for good. :P

  3. make sure its a one way ticket yo .. oh ya .. a bimmer or Audi would look nice on you .. :)

  4. how i wish to have that much money to buy such cars.. ;p anyway, dont worry.. i'm back for good now! :)

  5. heyyyyyy .... what took you so long ?
    you think this is a game ? :P

  6. well~ i wasn't really into social network for the past month. i was on my traveling mode! hahaha :D

  7. Wow , My travelling trip is 5 months away .. wish me all the best health and free from any problem until that day come..
    Im applying for 2 weeks holiday .. just around SEA .. yeah .. I wish i could visit japan from all the pics i saw here of Kobe .. but .. no buddy of mine are willing to go to Japan .. just left with cambodia/laos/Viet .. :D

    Just wondering .. Do you still node your head when apologising / thanking people ?

    Anonymous2 , if you are reading this .. forgive me for my bad command of english .. frankly .. im still learning .. (~_~)

  8. wow! u have planned ur trip in advance. that's amazing :P i'm sure u'll enjoy ur holiday as much i always enjoy mine. let me know about ur trip when u come back. i havent been to those countries yet. hurm.. about nodding, i can say that i still do. it's some kind of a habit now. even greeting people i tend to nod at least a bit. :P

  9. yeah .. budget trip .. always need to plan in advance ... there was this one time I cant make the trip, still not a big loss since i bought the ticket at a very very cheap price. Ill make my own blog or post my experience here ..:P

    yeah .. im sure you do.. when is your convocation ?

    i wish all cat were cute like this

  10. sure! give me ur link, and i might be the anonymous commenter than. :D my convocation is in january.. might be going back to take the stroll, insyaAllah. cant wait to be back in london again :)

  11. meh .. i wont allow anonymous commenter ... I cant handle the amount of stalkers .. (^_-)-☆
    oh ya .. my mum told me not to share my link with unknown people .. lol

    can I join your London trip .. :P

  12. your mum? seems like ur a mama's boy? hahaha.. yeah, come and join. take leave and buy ur tickets now! ;p

  13. mamas boy ? yeah .. perhaps ..

    exact date please .. and you last 4 digit credit card number along with 3 digit CVV code .. :P

  14. you'd be surprised how many people have given me their personal credentials when im doing social engineering ...
    One of the reason why I love my job. :D