Thursday, 29 November 2012

December aprroaching

November is coming to an end. How sad.

Each year I always wait for this particular month to come. It means a lot to me to get warm wishes on my birthday. From what I have observed roughly, about the same number of people have wished me this year as compared to last year. I expected people to just skip the day without bothering to acknowledge the importance of this day to someone (particular me), but I was surprised to see that there are still people who care and are very kind to drop a few comments on my timeline at facebook. How sweet.. :')

This year has been a bit different. After more than 5 years not celebrating my birthday in Malaysia I finally got to sit down and had a proper dinner or a 'small celebration' with my family members. Such a pleasant feeling it was. I have dreamt a lot of times to have this kind of celebrations. It finally came true!

I had very great memories of my birthday back in Kobe, SMSS and even at UM. Surprises from friends, juniors and seniors always make me smile gleefully from the beginning of the day to the end of the week, to say the least. In London it was just okay, but it wasn't too bad. My brother and sister-in-law from Holland sent me a big box of present last year that it shut all the miserable feelings I had at that particular moment.

Birthday is just a day. It doesn't make you taller overnight nor it makes you wiser the next morning, but it tells you somehow that it is a special day which will always be close to your heart. That is why each time I receive messages from people especially the ones whom I wait to hear from, really cheers me up. The messages have magical effects that will lighten some burden on your shoulders and make you feel all warm inside.

I blabber too much. I know. But it doesn't matter. December is approaching anyway.

Either way, it's good to be back home. It's good to eat Malaysian food and get all the things I have been craving for after all this while. And better still, it feels good to feel the love from a short distance. :)

December. You are welcome now!
Love, from Malaysia :)


  1. I agree, learned a big lesson on my 22nd birthday. It was family who really matters. I celebrated my 22nd birthday in a remote location in Johor this one time. I was in a khuruj that time. Totallly disconnected from outside world. Just checked my phone once a day. Its a torchlight nokia phone. None of my group knew it was my birthday, Just happens that one of them saw a reminder in my phone for my birthday. He asked if its true, denied it,said that it was my sisters phone. Just dont want to burden them on making me happy because it was my first long khuruj journey They really want to make my first time a good experience. I deactivated my FB at that time. Its then we know who really took the extra mile in their effort to wish us for our birthday.

    Frankly ... Its still one of my birthday experience. Its my soul searching experience and my effort in excluding myself from the normal world. Learned a lot of valuable lesson during that time.

    oh ya .. happy belated birthday ... Im a sagi .. :P

    oh ya oh ya ... do you have email ? :P

  2. nice~ keeping urself away from the world! im sure i can never do that. seems weird not to know about the world even for just a day. thanks for the wish! ur sagittarius as well? hurm, happy early bday if it's in december! if it has passed, happy belated then! thought i've given u my email previously? anyway, it's

  3. Yeah .. you never know what you could achieve until you tried... Tried me who studied computer being disconnected from the world. Its not impossible.. :D

    Its on November .. when was yours ? yeah .. you gave me your campus email in which im having problem sending last time. :D

  4. 26th.. and urs? hope it's not the 26th too, or it will be way creepy! hahaha

  5. 25th .. its ont 23rd .. :D
    haha ..maybe I should call you akak .. i always thought you were my age .. bhahaha..

  6. DOB is 23rd November 1987 .. just to clear things ..the info above might be confusing .. *-*

  7. are u sure u got that date right? seems like ur unsure urself! hahaah! anyway, au contraire mr anon. i'm not as old as u are. for ur info, i'm ur batch but just a year younger :)