Thursday, 1 November 2012

London or Kobe?

One year has passed and now I am back in my own country. The same weather, same traffic, same language and the same smell since I left, have indirectly told me that I am indeed back in my beloved country, Malaysia. As far as I have seen, nothing much has really changed. (Only the shopping malls I assume. They are now wider and have more stores! Hurm~shopping temptations~ :P)

I would be lying if I say that I don't miss London. I actually miss the city terribly. Not the weather of course, but the transportation, the culture, and the way of living. Obviously London is a developed city and known to be the hot spot for tourists. It is a fact that more languages are spoken here than any other cities. 

For the past year, I have been experiencing a lot of things with a lot of new friends whom I treasure their presence so much. I don't think I have ever come across any single day without any exciting things to do. No need to wait for the weekends, weekdays can also be just as fun. Exciting events, mind-blowing theaters and even new restaurants to try out have made my life full of joy and colours.

  Malaysia Night 2011 at Trafalgar Square.

Night walk at Tower Bridge with the gang after home-cooked dinner.

Day out to distress after dissertation completion.

Evening show with Mala: Shrek the Musical at Covent Garden.

 Picnic at Regent's Park. It was quite cold though :P

Having our favourite dessert: the awesome Belgian Choc Waffle.. yumsss

 Watching theater Les Miserables at Leicester Square.

Coursemates dinner at Melur restaurant.
Everytime I encounter new people who got to know that I did my degree in Japan, without fail they will ask me if I prefer England or Japan. The question has also never failed to make me stop and think for awhile. You know, it is actually a very difficult question to answer because I know for sure that I love both countries very much. I really can't choose. I don't think I can ever make my choice.

All I could say is that I think London is easier to live in. Many Muslims and Malaysians living in this city makes me feel so much like home. It is also very easy to find halal and Asian food that I hardly had any cravings for Malaysian food while I was there. Communicating wasn't a hard thing because English is widely spoken in Malaysia, though I have to say, I didn't come back with British accent. Pardon me! Hehe... The transportation system in London is the best thing I have known. I can live independently in this country due to its systematic transportation. I love the underground trains and buses. So convenient and very easy to use. We even have the student oyster card. Being a student in London has a lot perks. 10 to 20 % discount in most stores. Just flash your student card and you will get the discount. Wet and dry markets, antique and second hand stuff markets, open air theaters, free entrance parks, beautiful gardens, all these things just add the spice to my life in this city. 

In simple words, I just love London. :)

 The rare snow fall in London. Playing with the snow at Hyde Park.

Entered the netball competition for London Easter Games.

Final day of our lecture. Chilling at Somerset House.

 Taking a break from the dissertation.

 Some of the flowers of the class.

Some of the guys of the class.
Bricklane Market lunch out.

Credits to the photographers. A lot of them are taken from my tagged photos at facebook :)

On the other hand, I can never forget Kobe. I called it home for four years where I took baby steps to learn new culture and new language there. Different from Kobe, London wasn't as foreign to me because I have visited this city a few times before pursuing my studies there. Kobe however has made me see a different side of the world. Like my dad has once said, the country is homogeneous. Only a few foreigners can be seen. All the rest are just pure Japanese. Japan is doubtlessly very clean, very systematic, has very well-mannered citizens, and very high tech. I love Japan because of the modesty of the people. The way the Japanese always put every single effort into something makes me feel that the sky is the limit. I love to see just how considerate and polite the people are. These things make it so difficult for me to see Japan suffered due to the big tsunami attack and nuclear effect when I was about to leave the country for good last year. It tore my heart apart.

Suddenly I miss my labmates, senseis and Kobeians. I miss Kobe :'(


Frankly, it is just hard to choose between London and Kobe. Between England and Japan. They have equal strengths and weaknesses. It's like people ask you to choose between nasi lemak or roti tampal. I can't decide!! I love both of them!!! (eh?)

Well, all I could say is, thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to see both sides of the world and gaining experience of which I have never thought of getting. Also, thank you Allah for the degree and masters awards that I have achieved. Alhamdulillah. I am content.

p/s: Dear future, please be good to me! ;)


  1. I pray that you will have a bless future in your life here and after...(^-^)/

  2. Thanks Izzat!! Hope u have a bright future urself too! ;)

  3. I think I can understand how hard is it. I like the japanese culture a lot. Sometimes I think Japanese invasion is a made up story like holocaust because its hard to believe all those nice japanese people in the past actually invaded my country. Heck i still have old neighbours who still anti-japanese until this day.

    anyway ... i can tell that the answer to roti tampal vs nasi lemak is quite easy to be answered. Nasi Lemak wins everytime. Especially from @%$#^$%&$ .. yeah .. I cant disclose the location as it sells limited quantity daily. And its hard for me to be there without being disappointed. :(

    1. See whether you can choose between your mum and dad, Ben and Lulu or brothers and sisters. If you can you are awesome. If you cant you are normal.

    2. According to hadith , its Mum, Mum , Mum before my dad. Although Im raised by a single father. I still put my priority according to the hadith. :)

      Choosing between brothers and sisters is kind of impossible, Guess Im not that awesome after all .. ~_-

  4. Anonymous 1: i know... there are some people who still can't let go of that feeling. can't blame them coz they are the ones who lived during those terrible days. we are lucky that we don't have to witness such situations anymore. having to live in a peaceful country is such a blessing. anyway, making a choice is a different case. roti tampal is not as famous as nasi lemak, but it has its own fantastic taste ok.. ;p

    and about ur reply to anonymous 2, it is true. way to go mate~ ur own the right track! :D

    Anonymous 2: ayah, I can never choose between u and mummy. the hadith mentioned by anonymous 1 is true about giving the priority to mothers, but i still love my parents equally. :P the same goes to my siblings and cats at home. hahahah! so, I am not abnormal. thank god! :P

  5. Roti tampal is just mehh .. but when you ordered roti tampal goyang .. thats where it get fantastic .. oh man ... \(^o^)/

    Have you start working or still being a nanny ?

  6. crap .. the emoticon is not complete ... i n e e d t o f i .. x t h i s ..



  7. roti tampal goyang? what's with the name? so long! hahaha! anyway, i'm still resting while being a nanny.. and also being my family personal assistant. :D
    okay, those emoticons are definitely japanese style. hahahah!

  8. its roti tampal where the egg is sunny side up ... learned that back few years ago.. :D
    damn .. feeling hungry thinking bout it right now .. :P

    Yeah, family PA.. sounds easy but really its tiring , i feel you .. :)
    peanut allowance, superb benefit, 24/7 . .. lol

    id prefer emoji over emoticons .. :hahaha ... so when are you going to start searching for jobs? back to the IB perhaps ?

  9. allowance? it is foc! more like a charity work and doing for the happiness of everyone at home. hehe... hurm, my mom has actually asked me to start looking for a job now. i dont know but so many things are keeping me from starting. well, need to get serious soon i guess. IB is a place that i am fond of. never thought of actually working there. but who knows? if that's the place to start? hahaha :P

  10. So you are a Supir graduated from London/Kobe. i wonder how much they pay you .. :P
    Yes. I think she worries it will be hard. If you are confident then its fine, I know few Japanese graduated Malaysian who find job easily in Japanese factory in Malaysia. Toshiba is one of them.

    Are you trying to get into the industry or academic field ... ?
    There's lots of jobs for engineer in Malaysia .. or or or .. you can further your study for a PhD in Malaysia ..
    just 3 more years .. :P

  11. definitely not in the academic field. i can't trust myself being patient with students. hahaha! i'm thinking of being an engineer. but we'll see what kind of plans Allah has arranged for me. we can only plan but Allah has the final say. :)

  12. Most of people who are in the academic field are so theoretical ... They can teach how a computer works or how a security algorithm works, but so little are able to explain how a computer cant work or how an algorithm can be compromised. Im not saying im interested to be in the academic world, but there might be a possibility in the future. :D

    Wamakaru wamakarallah .. Wallahu khairul makirin .. :)

  13. Hurm... Have u finished ur masters course? Well, u might be a good lecturer, who knows? :P

    yep, true that.. "We plan, Allah plans. And the best plan is Allah's." :)

  14. Lol .. Whats left is my thesis .. gee .. I never thought it will be so boring... I worked just after the semester start. Im thinking finishing it early next year. My system development is done, Just the writing,testing, comparing etc. Things were much simpler back in the old days. Oh ya, can you do proofread.. lol .. :P

    A good lecturer, i know i can be a good disciplinary teacher. But they dont offer that course in the application form, Most are Math,Science,KH etc .. I wonder how they become cikgu disiplin. Im good with rotan/spot check/difficult students .. (^v^)

    you know whats new .. My friend is offering me to take care of his cat for one week. The cat is frankly cute. But still he havent answered most of my Questions about cat. My concern is regarding the biting. LoL .. It wont hurt he says ..Yeah right .. :D

  15. Maybe u can try being a discipline teacher when taking care of the cat. Whether u are capable of disciplining it to be a good cat or not, u can see the result in a week's time hahah! Don't worry, cat's bite doesn't kill. It only tickles. :D

    All the best with the thesis. I'm sure u are more than capable of doing that. :D