Sunday, 16 December 2012

Switch them off will you?

If anyone could ever go against technology, I might be the first one to start the campaign.

I have had once written in my old blog many years ago about the increasing technology and how I despise the transition so much. I certainly do not deny how the recent technology has helped the people in leading a better and easier life. So true, people are now more well organised and well connected through the globalisation. Distance is just numbers and any sort of information is merely just at our finger tips. Or rather just a click away, to be exact. Woo~ How convenient. 

So what's the problem now? Why in the world should I be so annoyed with modernisation?

Hi-tech gadgets can come in handy at times. But they can also be the reason for some sort of disturbance. To be precise, the disturbance of the real quality time of families, friends and social. 

Up till now I get so irritated when people prefer playing with phones, ipads, cameras, games and any of such during an outing. I know that I do that too, at times. Out of habit I suppose, and I am so sorry for myself for turning into an anti social. But I guess I'm lucky that my phone isn't a real 'smart' phone like others usually have nowadays. It does somehow limit myself from touching my phone too often. :P

From what I can see, people do that because they feel more secure, more popular and more cool to be seen with their phones. Their phones are more of a friend compared to the person sitting right next to them. Well, maybe. That's the vibe that I get when people do that. 

Time is something that we can never get back. Neither can we rewind nor buy our lost time. They are gone. Gone forever. People get busier, the days pass so quickly and yet, the only time we can get together has suddenly been replaced by a meeting with full of gadgets. Phones in everyone's palms, eyes watching the screen, and fingers busy meddling the keypads or touch-screens of those 'interferences'. No more proper communications. No more real eye-to-eye conversations. No pure satisfaction achieved from the outings anymore. 

No one is perfect, I know. It's just that sometimes we don't realise how our doings affect other people. So please everyone, we can change this attitude. Try paying more attention to the people around us. Try putting our electronic devices down when we are hanging out with family/friends. Try turning down the volume of the TV or better still, switching off the TV when people are around. Try focusing on the object / subject in front of us rather than focusing them on our camera lenses. What we capture with the cameras can never be compared to the real life we capture with our own two eyes.

 Perhaps we can put our phones in the middle of the table to avoid any disturbance. :D
(make sure no thieves are in sight though)

Just a friendly advice. Even a reminder to myself. :)


  1. You are not taking a potshot at me are you Iqa? If you are I guess I deserve it. Or potshots at those who are like me? Hmm! I guess they also deserve to be cut down to size. Regardless, as usual: superb write up. Nak jadi wartawan ? I can sponsor you.

  2. Hahaha! Obviously not to anyone in particular. It's just a normal scene nowadays. Take a look at people around us. At restaurants, in the vehicles, in classrooms...everywhere.. They don't see the necessity to give full attention to the company they have. Sad right? I think our family is still doing okay. Not too bad. Anyway, if I have no other job opportunities, I might just take up your offer! Hahahaha :D

  3. I read about this before ..

    yeah, the most I can do with my torchlight phone is just calculator. So I usually look at my phone less than 20sec everytime. :)
    I think its a blessing in disguise for dunking you phone in water before, now you are more focus in conversation I suppose.
    I prefer to stack the phone like in the link above, whoever took their phone away from the stack when its vibrating/ringing will pay the bills. :D

  4. gee... this is definitely a great idea. might suggest this when i hang out with my friends one day. i'm all for it when it comes to free food. i'm quite sure i will be away from my phone in such circumstances. :D