Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Past Present Future

Today is the last day of January 2013 though sometimes I think that I am still living in 2012.

Oh my, please don't tell me that I'm still living in the past. That might sound cruel. (T_T)

Though one thing for sure, I do realise that I think of the good old days quite a lot. (Even the not so old days ie 2012.) Might sound a bit too sentimental, but I seriously am aware that I have been living a good life since I was small. Nothing I have regretted experiencing nor doing. Everything is for the best of my future self and I have always believed in that.

Anyway, I don't actually choose to remember of the past, but somehow when you live the daily life, you might come across something that would remind you of them unintentionally. Just like when you listen to the radio, some songs just remind you of some happenings, or some smell might trigger your memory of someone or some place.

I just came back from London for the long awaited Graduation Day and from Holland to meet my adorable cute new born nephew. Lovely lovely trip it was. It was SUPER cold as it was DEEP WINTER, yet surprisingly refreshing. :)

 As refreshing as looking at this healthy nephew of mine. Oh, I love you Stijn~ <3 i="">

I have always loved London as it is practically like my second home. I love it with all my heart. The place has been so familiar, so friendly and so much alive with so many things to do, to see and to visit. But truth be told, it was depressing at the same time. Mainly because of the British weather.

Well, to be fair, there was also the typical Dutch weather just as bad as the British weather with heavy rain on our second last day in Holland. But the sun somehow came out and we had a beautiful semi-cold sunny day. The snow on the ground had melted and the reflection of the sun on the defrosting canals was brilliant, making the scene totally stunning and unforgettable. :)

Anyway, back in London, it was even more depressing when almost every place I passed through just reminded me of my student days. How my friends and I used to spend a lot of times at some places, how we enjoyed each other's company so much and how much London has witnessed our friendship and the process of my growing up.

As much as it was sweet to be back there, it was also heart twinging.

Only a few of my friends were in London during my last visit there and only a few could make it for the Graduation Day. But do not get me wrong, I totally enjoyed myself at the ceremony. It was one great great event! Short yet memorable. Plus, my parents were there to share the beautiful memory and to see me getting the scroll on the stage. Love my parents to bits for that. :') MuahXx!

Gradution Day with my parents by my side :)
I also made use of my limited time in London and somehow managed to meet most of my good friends there. Would love to have more time there but it was just.... TOO cold. :P

I am just glad that I had the chance to go to London again and wore the robe designed by Vivienne Westwood. Didn't get the opportunity to have that feeling in Japan. No graduation gown there for sure. Again, I am really glad to have attended the ceremony. Proud to be there and proud to have graduated from King's College London. :)

Proudly wearing our hooded robes :P
It was a white Graduation Day for me as London was covered with snow most of the time when I was there. I was so happy that I could experience the snow again, and this time it was even a better feeling as I had my parents to experience it with me! Yeehaa~~


 Scary looking snowmen as some people have told us, but we built them ourselves and proud of that. :D

Yay~ It's snowing! :) 

Bye bye King's College!! 

 In the college just to retrace my steps as a student there :)
Had breakfast at The Breakfast Club with dearest Ainul
Graduation Day with sweet little Jenny

 Janani and Asuka :)

At Camden Town~ Another 'Brr' day.

Finally... Thank you London for the great memories. I shall visit you again one day. InsyaAllah. 

Thank you 2012. You had been more than awesome. May 2013 be just as great. InsyaAllah. :')

And of course, thank you Allah for everything. Without You, there will be no future let alone the present or the past. I love you. :)

  With Abang Nash, Kak Nora and Stijn. Miss you guys already!!


  1. Vintage you again Iqa. You have cleverly unloaded how you felt of London despite the short stint there. Likewise you have expressed in concise terms of the memory of 2012, the current and the future. I am sure 2013 will be equally great!

  2. Amin!! I sure hope so too. Thanks ayah! Lets hope for more happy posts in 2013, insyaAllah. :)