Thursday, 28 February 2013



I have one of my own. :)

1) To visit Mekah again some day and perform Hajj or umrah with the loved ones.

2) To have a relaxing beach getaway at Santorini and watch the sunset.

3) To scuba dive at Sipadan Island and enjoy the clear, sparkling blue sea.

4) To travel somewhere preferably around Europe with the WHOLE family.

and the list goes on


As much as I am eager to cross them out as soon as possible, I am very sure that even if I have accomplished every single one of them, I will definitely fill the space with more and more wishes.

It is a never ending addiction. People just want more every time, don't we?

Though there is one particular thing that I always wish for. And I hope that it is not just a wishful thinking...

  To see the Malaysians united and be proud of our own country somehow.


  1. Iqa, great wish list. What about, "I wish I could live another thousand years?" Heheheh!

  2. that's wishful thinking! hahaha :D