Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Must be my bad habit. I update my blog only on the last day of every month it seems. Well, I have an extra reason to update my blog now, as it is a holiday tomorrow ie the labour day!! YAY!!!!

I must say this, it excites me more since this is my first time taking advantage of this day as i am now a working lady. Oh yeah~ you heard me, I have started working!! :D

Even i can't believe that I have worked for a month. Tomorrow is only my second month and I am still very energetic and positive about this job.

I sincerely love my current job. I remember some people mentioning to me (with good intention i suppose) not to fall in love with the first job. It should only be a stepping stone for me to find a better opportunity.

Yes, it is indeed a very (VERY) small company, but as far as i am concerned, I love my colleagues, I have a helpful and kind boss, the office is cosy with beautiful view and I can get cheap Malay food right in front of our building. All these factors have made me decided that this is indeed the perfect job for me.

Not to mention that I can learn a lot here. :)

So, if you are wondering about my current life, I can answer that easily.

Life is Good! ;)

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for sorting my life out for me.. I am really really grateful with the turnout. :)

My desk! :)


  1. wah meja tepi tingkap? bila hujan turun boleh la layan blues ek haha

  2. boleh sangat... kalau kilat pun, jadi orang first yang melompat dulu :D