Thursday, 23 May 2013

The 3 Stooges

Life is a mystery.

At one time, I decided not to make new friends anymore. Making friends is rather easy, but maintaining a good friendship isn't. People come into your life, become important at one point, and become irrelevant after awhile.

That is not weird at all.

I treasure my friends a lot that it makes me feel bad if I can't keep in touch with them in a regular basis. That's one of the reasons why I decided that I should stop making new friends and just stick to those who are already in my list.

People know that on the first day of a job, people normally want to make an impression to be able to blend in and to socialize around. 

Well, I grew tired of that. Tired of socializing around and trying to impress people.

That is why when I was offered a job, I was so glad to know that there are only a few people working in the company. Indirectly, my wish came true. I didn't have to put much effort on making impressions. :P

However, weirdly enough, the place I am working right now turns out to be the best place for me to meet great friends. Not 1, but 2 great people whom I genuinely enjoy being with. They are just as crazy as I am and definitely the last people to be boring. 

Well, that's why we can just plan. But verily, only Allah knows what's best for His servants. :)

This current life I'm living now, is the best I could ever wished for. 

Oh, if you are wondering how 'big' the company is...

There are just US in the office... plus our boss! ;p

No matter how different we may look like, you will be surprised to see how much alike we are when we are together. :)